BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “The Loco-Motion” Results


I guess I should have expected this…

Grand Funk Railroad: 14
Kylie Minogue: 1

There were two other votes: Halfmoon Mollie said “neither,” because she likes the Little Eva version of “The Loco-Motion” so well, and my Uncle Jack, who voted initially for Kylie, but when Jeffrey cast his vote for her, changed his vote to “present.”

I’m sure that I’ve “stolen” this one from a couple of you. Sorry about that. I think I’ll stick with songs almost no one has heard of, although I’ve “stolen” a couple of those, too. In any case, congrats to the boys from Flint, Michigan on their win, and we’ll do it again next Tuesday.

12 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “The Loco-Motion” Results

  1. Dude of Dudes, why don’t you join us on Monday’s Music Moves Me. All you have to do is sign my linky and you could have people coming to hear what you’ve posted and leaving a comment. The theme for that Monday is always in my side bar. Sure would love to have you rock along with us. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your tunes. HUGS


      1. Oh, how magnificent. Hi John, I hope we can grow to be great friends. I have WW today I think you might like seeing that today. Following all your social networks I can find. This is most excellent. Oh as far as authors cuz I also see you like to read… did you ever read any of Michael Phillip Cash books. My favorite is “The Flip”. A great book and it’s just up your alley. I hope you’ll even write me a email one day too so I can get your address too. This is wonderful I love making new friends especially interesting ones. ~hehehe~ Have a great day … my friend! HUGS


    1. I thought at least a quarter of the votes would go to Ms. Minogue; I thought the video was good, and the arrangement was, OK, 80’s Europop (though she’s from Australia), but that can be all right. Shows what I know…


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