Will Hunting on Education #1LinerWeds


I was not all that impressed with the movie Good Will Hunting, but I can’t get this line out of my head.

I wrote this for last week’s One-Line Wednesday, but it was pre-empted. Just thought you’d like to know.

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11 thoughts on “Will Hunting on Education #1LinerWeds

  1. I didn’t get my degree until I was 45 years old. Within 18 months of getting the degree, I received three promotions and a substantial increase in salary. There was something about having that piece of paper that proved I could think, even though I had proven myself over and over in the workplace. It shouldn’t be that way, but it is.


    1. Was your major germane to your job, or were they just happy you got it? It’s great you got your degree and your employer showed you they appreciated it. You’re right, it shouldn’t be that way; your exemplary performance should be all it takes to be promoted. Too often it’s one of those HR rules that says you can’t be promoted above a certain level without a bachelor’s. It’s crazy, but what can you do?


  2. 150K, that’s about one academic year here. I’ve always kind of agreed more with apprentice training, myself.


    1. Uh huh. We suffer from a lack of tradespeople (plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, carpenters, interior decorators, etc.etc.) and an abundance of degreed individuals that can’t find work. We’re pushing kids to get their degrees whether they want them or not.


      1. I’m 20 years out, but I think I value all the experiences of university very highly, as opposed to earning potential. I didn’t spend 150k tho, phew! ;)


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