You Can Always Expect The Unexpected #socs

…on the Newlywed Game!

Remember that show? There was a version that came on in the afternoons and another that came on Saturday nights, back in the days when they actually scheduled new programs on Saturday nights. Now they just throw on whatever they have around the studio and add a news magazine show. They figure the only people watching on Saturday night are babysitters and old people, like me. Rotten kids… get off my lawn!

One of the funniest things from the Newlywed Game was this clip. They always swore it never happened, but it did. It’s on video. (The answer has been deleted, but the aftermath hasn’t, so you can just imagine what it was.)

I used to work for a company called Newly Weds Foods. They started out making the sheet cake for ice cream cake rolls, which they’d sell to dairies, who would extrude ice cream over the cake and roll it up. The name came from the idea that they were marrying cake to ice cream. They no longer make the cake, nor do they make English muffins anymore; their business is all breaders, batter mixes, spice mixes, and capsicums. Ever seen panko bread crumbs? Regular bread crumbs are actually cracker meal, baked in a big sheet, broken up, and milled to the appropriate size. Panko start out as regular bread which is then shredded and goes through a drying process that toasts them. They were the first company in the US to make them. I left them when I got tired of working six and sometimes seven days a week.

When I finally had a five-day-a-week job, I used to stay up on Saturday nights to see Tales of the Unexpected. I think it was made in England, but it was stories in the Ray Bradbury vein. The kind of stories you used to see on The Outer Limits or The Twilight Zone, sometimes even like Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Speaking of the last show, my brother (I won’t say which) once said the scariest thing he’s ever seen was the episode called “The Jar.” I remember it. It was scary.


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    1. For years they swore up one side and down the other that never happened. It wasn’t until they did a special on GSN about it they were able to “find” videotape of it…

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