Five TV Themes (or, TV Themes, Part 4.5)


You know me: I love music, and I love old TV (the new stuff is pretty good, too). Sometime last year, I started an occasional series on The Thursday Ten where I featured ten theme songs from television shows. I’ve done four such posts, and I thought it might be good to do another installment. Since I’ve already done a Thursday Ten this week, I thought I’d do a Friday Five of TV themes today. Of course, five is half of ten (my grandfather was a math professor), so I couldn’t make this Part 5. Thus, TV themes, part 4.5.

Twilight Zone – Marius Constant

Lost In Space – John Williams

Coronet Blue – Laurence Rosenthal

The Lucy Show – Wilbur Hatch

The Addams Family – Vic Mizzy

The more I do this, the harder it is to remember which themes I’ve already done. So, there is now a YouTube playlist with all the themes I’ve featured so far. I’ll update the list each time I do another post of TV themes. Just thought you’d like to know.

That’s your Friday Five for October 16, 2015. Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!

6 thoughts on “Five TV Themes (or, TV Themes, Part 4.5)

  1. Just watched a 1982 rerun of “Hill Street Blues.” Loved hearing the theme music again.


    1. That was a great show. Where did you see the reruns, on one of the vintage TV stations? If so, which? We got rid of cable and are watching over-the-air, and we get lots of those channels.


  2. I love the Twilight Zone and Lost in Space themes. I love Lost in Space, I’d love to get it on DVD sometime. As for Twilight Zone, I just watched the entire series on Amazon Prime.


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