Surprise! A “Still” Playlist! #socs

I sat still for a long time, wanting to know what I’d do when the prompt was “still.” Naturally, all these songs with the word “still” in the title popped into my head. After all, by now you know that most of my streams of consciousness come in either song titles or lyrics. Anyway, I built a playlist around the word “still.” There are lots more; these were the first ten I thought of. Here are the songs:

  1. Still You Turn Me On – Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
  2. In The Still Of The Night – Ella Fitzgerald (from The Cole Porter Songbook)
  3. In The Still Of The Night – The Five Satins (the doo-wop number)
  4. Still Of The Night – Whitesnake (one of my favorite ’80’s hair bands)
  5. Still The One – Orleans (dedicated to Mary)
  6. You’re Still The One – Shania Twain
  7. I’m Still Standing – Sir Elton John
  8. I’m Still In Love With You – Rev. Al Green
  9. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – U2 (not fond of the band, but I like the song)
  10. It’s Still Rock & Roll To Me – Billy Joel



This musical interlude is my contribution to Linda Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday. She has the rules and a list of pingbacks from other participants here.

24 thoughts on “Surprise! A “Still” Playlist! #socs

  1. There are some great songs on this list (except U2, ugh). I do prefer Ronnie Milsap’s version of In the Still of the Night to the Five Satins version. Whitesnake is awesome. And I LOVE Al Green!


    1. I think Milsap’s is part of a song he called “Lost in the Fifties Tonight.” He does a hell of a job on it.

      U2 is not really a band I like, more I think because Bono can be a little self-righteous, and because Apple decided to make their most recent album a free gift, whether we wanted it or not. Bu the song is OK.


  2. “On Friday, a prompt ushered me into the Court of the Crimson King; Saturday I multitasked: dinner and surgery reservations, and on Sunday . . . ,” she laughs, “still more to come?”.
    Thanks for the dollop of serendip!


    1. “De-Lovely” with Kevin Kline? That was a good movie. He was a fantastic songwriter and many of his songs have (rightly) become standards. If you like his music, get the two-volume “Cole Porter Songbook” by Ella Fitzgerald. She did a number of “Songbook” albums, and I think they’ve been gathered together in one big box set.

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  3. I thought it would be songs about sitting still, lol. Some of those are awesome: Shania, Billy Joel, Sir Elton. Liked that Emerson one too.


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