#TwoForTuesday: George & Ira Gershwin


Their official website says that George and Ira Gershwin “will always be remembered as the songwriting team whose voice was synonymous with the sounds and style of the Jazz Age.” Both brothers had worked with other songwriters and composers before 1924, but from 1924 until George’s death in 1937 they wrote together exclusively. They wrote over two dozenn scores for Broadway and Hollywood in that time, and many of their songs have become jazz standards. In fact, the chord changes from “I Got Rhythm” are a part of the jazz lexicon and can be found in many songs, including the theme song for “The Flintstones.”

Our first song today is “Shall We Dance?” The 1937 film of the same name starred Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and was the second musical the Gershwins wrote for Hollywood.

Our second song is “They Can’t Take That Away From Me,” from the same film. Here it’s performed by Frank Sinatra.

George and Ira Gershwin, your Two for Tuesday, October 20, 2015.

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