The Week That Was for November 15, 2015

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Gaines-Burgers, the canned dog food without the can.

Heartily endorsed by Kuala, the Dog from Hell. He was the Lhasa Apso we rescued when I was in high school who bit everyone, especially me. We couldn’t feed him canned dog food, because that gave him the runs, and he wouldn’t eat dry food. Ergo, Gaines Burgers.

The Week That Was

It was a freebie week on Monday’s Music Moves Me, and since it had been overcast and rainy most of the previous week, I did songs that mentioned the sun. Arlee found a couple more Bruce Cockburn songs that fit the theme, and also recommended a song by Grand Funk that I had forgotten all about. Thanks, Arlee!

Two for Tuesday featured the music of the Sherman Brothers, Robert and Richard. They’re best known for the music they’ve written for Disney movies, both live action and animated, but I found a couple of other songs that they didn’t write for a Disney movie, “You’re Sixteen” and “Tall Paul.” I deliberately did not use any music from Disney movies, concerned that Disney blocked them for countries other than the US, and Elen, who lives in Canada, reported she was blocked from “Tall Paul.” Sorry about that.

On One-Liner Wednesday, I waded into the “Starbucks Christmas Cups That Don’t Have Anything About Christmas On Them” controversy. Evidently a YouTube evangelist got his panties of righteousness in a wad because Starbucks decided that a plain red cup wasn’t sufficiently Christmas-themed and thus constituted another shot across the bow by the anti-Christmas crowd. Ellen DeGeneres had a particularly pithy comment about the controversy, in fact, meaning both the evangelist and Starbucks got a free plug. I realize that some of you don’t especially like Starbucks, but I like the coffee (I like coffee, period, even the coffee from Chick-Fil-A, which even their founder admitted wasn’t all that good) and find it to be an excellent place to write blog posts, like this one. Personally, I could care less about the cup; as carenksr said, it’s a nice shade of red. I wouldn’t mind if they went with the red cup permanently. Arlee commented that it’s all a Communist plot, and I mentioned the song, “The Pause of Mr. Claus” by Arlo Guthrie, which as far as I know was never part of any of his albums, but was included on one of the “loss leader” albums Warner Brothers Records used to issue back in the Sixties and Seventies. I put the song in my comment, but here it is again, for those of you who might have missed it.

The Thursday Ten was another TV show themes post, Part 5 or Part 5.5 depending on how you count them. This one was dedicated to the TV themes composed by Mike Post. As I explained to Ed, I didn’t include the theme from “Hill Street Blues” because I had already done it; it’s #29 in my playlist of TV themes here. We were watching a rerun of “Quantum Leap” (one of Arlee’s favorite shows, as he said in the comments) last night on Cozi TV, and Mary mentioned that it had elements of the “Hill Street” theme. Post has a distinctive sound to his themes; you can always tell it’s one of his. I would like to draw your attention to the table of songs I included after the playlist, simply because I worked hard to get it right for you. Tables in HTML are always one of those things I have to look up to get right.

For The Friday Five, I featured the top five songs from this past year’s Eurovision song contest. This year’s winner was “Heroes” by Måns Zemerlöw of Sweden. Ed reminded me it was the Eurovision contest where ABBA got their big break. Arlee said he wasn’t impressed by this year’s winners. I was confused by the way they decide who goes to the finals; they have two semifinal rounds from which they pick the top ten as finalists, but the final round had 27 contestants, so there were seven finalists who didn’t have to participate in the semifinals. Well, whatever. Sweden will host the 2016 competition this May, thanks to Zemerlöw’s win this year. I’ll probably do several more of these, because there have been sixty of these contests and I’ve only done one.

The prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday was “indescribable,” so I started with Peter Paul candy bars (“Indescribably Delicious!”) and ended up talking about the horrific tragedy in Paris on Friday. Talk about your streams of consciousness…. Guilie’s comment reminded me of something Martin Luther King said many years ago.


Amen to that. Deborah said she’s glad they no longer have cable at her house. Cutting the cord was the best thing we did, if anyone’s wondering. Linda said she’s tired of the finger-pointing and blame-placing. I think we all are.

So, that’s The Week That Was. I currently have a Battle of the Bands going: Paper Lace Vs. Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods in “Battle ‘Billy, Don’t Be A Hero’.” I’ll announce the winner on Saturday, so be sure and vote by midnight Friday.

And… sometime this week, I reach One Thousand Posts! This is post #994, so it’ll be Saturday, at the latest. Be sure to be with us then!