The Friday Five: Christmas Surf!


Okay, gang, Thanksgiving is over and the Christmas shopping season has begun! One of the local TV stations here said this year’s Black Friday hasn’t been like other ones, and has pictures on its website of less-than-full prking lots at the local malls. Perhaps a lot of shoppers finished their shopping last night, maybe people are doing their shopping online, or maybe things aren’t as good for people as the government would have us believe.

But no matter. It also means my self-imposed embargo on Christmas music has ended, and nothing says Christmas like twanging guitars and surf music, right? Here are five Christmas tunes done surf style.

  1. Jingle Bells – The Ventures: We have to start with the quintessential sur band, The Ventures. This is off one of their later Christmas albums (not sure which).
  2. I Wanna Go Surfing With Santa – The Hollyberries: Heard this for the first time today, and had to include it. The video is fun and so is the song.
  3. Aloha Christmas – The Dukes of Surf: Another new one for me. The Dukes are based in Hawai’i but came from beach towns around the USA, according to their website, which also tells me they’re big in Japan.
  4. Little Saint Nick – The Beach Boys: I have a feeling that if I didn’t include this one people would be asking why I didn’t. You can’t have a list like this and not include the Beach Boys.
  5. Sleigh Ride – The Ventures: Okay, I have two from The Ventures. You think surf rock guitar, they’re the first band most people think of. Besides, I like this version of “Sleigh Ride,” because it combines the melody with the rhythm part of their biggest hit, “Walk, Don’t Run.”

And there’s your Friday Five for November 27, 2015.

5 thoughts on “The Friday Five: Christmas Surf!

  1. Yeah! The season has officially begun. 🙂 Interesting genre for Christmas music. I think online shopping is making the difference. Who wants to battle the crowds? 😛 More and more stores are closing physical locations because of it.


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