You’re missing something…. #socs

How does it make you feel to know that you’re missing something right now that you would enjoy or benefit from?

It’s a lot different now than it was in years past. Before we had the Internet and smartphones and TV’s with a billion channels, including channels that broadcast the news 24/7/365 (next year, 24/7/366), it wasn’t such a big deal, was it? It might be weeks before you knew about the party you missed, or the niece or nephew that was born, or about something that happened in Bhutan ten minutes ago. In those days, you might not even know where Bhutan was, let alone what’s going on there.

Look closely. It’s that little green spot in the middle of the map. (source: Wikipedia)

No, it was easy to be blissfully ignorant of what was going on half a world away. Now, not so much. King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck of Bhutan goes to the bathroom, and suddenly it’s all over Twitter. You don’t see it? You’re just not following the right people on Twitter! My God, what’s wrong with you? Maybe the tweets are written in Dzongkha (the official language of Bhutan), but that’s no excuse. Shame on you!


We hear a lot about FoMO these days, the “fear of missing out.” It’s the condition of finding out that something happened and you weren’t a part of it. Another name for it is paranoia. It’s a psychosis, an abnormal condition of the mind described as “involving a loss of contact with reality,” Wikipedia tells us. I mean, there are 7,385,485,816 people in the world as of this moment (Friday afternoon at about 1500 EST), including the roughly 750,000 in Bhutan. Read that again:

Seven billion
three hundred eighty-five million
four hundred eighty-five thousand
eight hundred sixteen people!!!

There is no way you can know what each of those people is up to every minute of every day, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty-five and a quarter days a year, like the guys on Person of Interest do. You can’t. You’ll go crazy trying. I think they cancelled Person of Interest, as a matter of fact, because people probably said, “who’d be crazy enough to want to know what everyone in the world is doing every minute of every day? You’d have to be koo-koo for Cocoa Puffs!”

So, you’re going to miss something. You’re going to miss a lot of somethings. Don’t worry about it. Enjoy what’s going on around you. Forget about everything else. In fact, shut all your devices off right now. Pretend you’re on a flight around the world on Bhutan Airlines and you’re about to land, so turn off all electronic devices, put your seats and tray tables in their fully upright and locked position, ensure that your seat belt is securely fastened low and tight around your waist, and remain seated for the duration of your flight. Don’t worry about the things you’re going to miss. Just enjoy looking out the window as the plane lands at Paro Airport. Relax.

Ladies and gentlemen, the National Anthem of Bhutan, “Druk Tsendhen” (“འབྲུག་ཙན་དན་”), or “The Thunder Dragon Kingdom”…

And, because the King’s name looks like it ends with “Wang Chung,” “Everybody Have Fun Tonight.”


This is my entry for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Hope you liked it…

22 thoughts on “You’re missing something…. #socs

    1. When something blows up on Twitter and Facebook, I just walk away from them until it blows over. Life is too short, and I figure I have more of it behind me than ahead of me. (I’m not planning on going anywhere anytime soon, by the way…) I usually end up looking at kitty pictures on Instagram.


  1. Ha! Sometimes I think I know and hear too much as it is and rather prefer to go outside and discover the changing leaves on my own;-)
    That song is going to stick with me the rest of the day!


    1. I have people reporting earworms from “The Thunder Dragon Kingdom,” so you’re probably better off not having listened. Hope you liked the Wang Chung song, though.

      There are days I miss the 1970’s and 1980’s before the technology hit. I think it’s natural to be curious about the world, but after a while you have to remind yourself not to get too hung up about it. It helps to think of it as a video game that you can and probably should turn off.

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    1. It’s like Mother Teresa said, “If everyone would sweep his own doorstep, the whole world would be clean.” Take care of yourself first, then your immediate family. For most people, that’s moe than enough.

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  2. So much food for thought in this post.
    I ditch my phone when I go out sometimes, if I don’t think I might need to call for help when I’m stranded somewhere.
    I do this to get some peace, otherwise I can’t resist checking Facebook. I could never resist the sound, the beckoning call of my iPhone’s notifications.
    Who knows what things I’ve missed already. It’s an important reminder for sure.
    I do happen to be highly curious, wondering where people in their cars are heading when they pass by.


    1. I’m handicapped, and Mary wants me to wear my phone when she’s out, in the event I need her, so I usually have it with me. I uninstalled Facebook on it, and am about to do the same with Twitter. It’s too easy for those things to take over your life.


  3. Thanks for the earworm. That national anthem will be playing in my head all day now. What a catchy tune.

    They should switch to the Wang Chung song.

    Arlee Bird
    Wrote By Rote


  4. This was a fun post to read! I’d like to add what may be obvious: if you’re addicted to finding out what’s going on with everyone else all over the world, you (we) will likely miss something going on right in front of you, or to your right or left, or behind your back, while you’re looking at your device. I just noticed device has the word vice in it.


    1. Like the old Dave Berg cartoon in MAD magazine years ago, where a guy is so busy taking pictures on his vacation he won’t know if he had a good time until the pictures are developed. Uh huh.



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