Collecting, Mostly Dust #JusJoJan

Tortex guitar picks in six different gauges (source: Jim


I collect lots of things: pictures from various places, such as Instagram and Facebook; quotes that I find either interesting or especially pithy; e-books which I have yet to read; music of various genres and styles; and, oddly enough, guitar picks. Not picks that have been used by famous musicians, but rather, picks I bought with the idea of using them, and which will likely go unused, unless I decide to get rid of them in some clever fashion.

I must be obsessive-compulsive about guitar picks. When I was able to hold picks, I would go through phases where I wanted to use lighter picks, then heavier ones; standard ones, then larger ones and smaller ones; celluloid picks, then nylon, then picks made of materials like Tortex and Ultex. A lot of players (probably most of them) find a type they like and buy a couple gross of them, and that’s it, they’re fixed for life. Me, on the other hand? I wanted variety in size, weight, and material, and even though I might not use a style more than once, I kept it around in the event I changed my mind.

Now, as I said, I can’t hold a flatpick, and when I play (which isn’t often) I use a hybrid flatpick/thumbpick, that has a loop to hold it on my thumb. They were designed for players who switch between fingerstyle and pick-style playing. But I still have all the flatpicks around, in various stages of wear. I can’t bear to part with them, because they remind me of how much fun I had when I was playing.


Today’s Just Jot It January prompt, “collection,” was supplied by Deborah over at Container Chronicles. Just Jot It January is a blog hop sponsored by Linda Hill.

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  1. I’m sure I have some old guitar picks from back when I used to pick around on the guitar. I still have two guitars around the house and I’ll bet there’s at least one or two picks in each case. I didn’t collect them though. I undoubtedly have some sort of obsessive accumulation of stuff around the house. Office supplies for one thing. And probably a lot of juggling apparatus.

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