Monday’s Music Moves Me: The Incredible Angelina Jordan



Remember last week, when the theme was covers by participants of TV talent shows, and how I couldn’t come up with any because I don’t watch those shows? If I had known about Angelina Jordan then, I wouldn’t have had any trouble.

Angelina turned ten years old about a week ago. She’s from Norway, but lived in the US for a couple of years when her father, a petroleum engineer, came to work here. She attends the Oslo Waldorf School (St. Ignatius, my old grammar school from way back, is now the Chicago Waldorf School) and also takes lessons in voice at the Oslo School of Music and Performing Art, and can play piano, violin, and flute. And, two years ago, when she was just eight, she entered Norske Talenter (Norway’s Got Talent) and won.

I was building a playlist last Saturday for Stream of Consciousness Saturday, where all the songs had to have the word “what” in the title. The first one I thought of was “What A Difference A Day Makes” by Dinah Washington. While YouTube was playing that, I noticed another version of the song by Angelina. When Dinah was finished, I listened to Angelina’s version. And fell in love with her. Okay, fell in love with her voice. If you didn’t watch the video, you’d swear a much older woman was singing.

I’ve gathered five songs from the many videos of her on YouTube so you get a better idea of her amazing ability.

  1. Fly Me To The Moon: I apologize in advance for Rosie O’Donnell taking up half this video, although she asked Angelina some good questions. You’ll notice Angelina speaks almost unaccented English; as I said, she lived in the US for a time. I think she almost sounds like Astrud Gilberto when she sings this.
  2. What A Difference A Day Makes: This from TV2 in Norway. I don’t speak Norwegian, so I didn’t understand a word of the interview. The commenters on YouTube were comparing her to the late Amy Winehouse. I think she sounds a lot like Dinah Washington.
  3. At Last: The classic by Etta James, and Angelina does a magnificent job, and manages to sound like Etta.
  4. I’ll Be There: Michael Jackson was 11 or 12 when this was a hit for The Jackson Five in 1970. Angelina is eight here. There’s a little more dynamic in her voice on this one, and she handles it beautifully.
  5. I’m A Fool To Want You: This was her initial audition for Norske Talenter. Listen to Billie Holiday’s version of the song and you can tell how well Angelina matches Billie’s performance. And this was a capella. You can see the judges and the effect she has on them.

These were all recorded when she was eight. She’s gotten even better since then, as you can tell. I can only hope that in the next few years she gets the attention she richly deserves, not because she’s a young girl with a mature, almost sultry, voice, but because she’s a talented young woman with an amazing voice. She has a webpage, naturally, and is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

That’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for January 18, 2016.

Monday’s Music Moves Me is sponsored by X-Mas Dolly, Callie, Stacy, and Naila Moon (at least through December), so be sure and visit them, where you can also find the Linky for the other participants.


16 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me: The Incredible Angelina Jordan

  1. John, I have heard of Angelina before and saw the show she was on when she won her fame. She is fabulous thanks so much for Posting this wonderful talent. To me I personally think she is Amy Winehouse reincarnated. Seriously listen to a song that Angelina sings and then listen to Amy… she even sort of looks like her it’s really kind of eery, don’t you think? Wonder why she never wears shoes. hmmm Thanks John I listened to every one she is truly amazing I had a great time! Some our taste in music is definitely on the same wave length. ~hehehehe~ Have a rockin’ week my friend. Peace, Love and Rock On!!!! HUGS….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. While I know who Amy Winehouse was and could recognize her if I saw a picture of her, I’ve never heard her sing, but I’ve heard other people say that, and Angelina wears her hair the same way, at least in these videos. I just hope Angelina doesn’t meet the same fate as Amy did. That was really tragic.

      I don’t know why she doesn’t wear shoes; it might be that she feels more comfortable that way. There’s a story on her Wikipedia page that she has written a book about meeting an Iraqi girl her age and giving the girl her shoes; maybe that has something to do with it…



    2. The Answer to: “Why ?Angelina Jordan? Performs Barefoot?” Verbatim (sic):  
      “Anglina and her family have lived many years outside of Norway. And she wants to share a story about why she don’t wear shoes when she sings while we are at Frognerparken.  
      The reason is when she was 6 year old she was in Asia and she encountered a young street seller girl. – she told me that I had really nice shoes and I told her thank you – And i asked back if she wanted the shoes which she gladly did, then i asked what is your dream? – She told me she want to be doctor one day but i doubt i ever be and i told her you – She should never give up her hopes. She later told me she will pray for me and told me to not forget her and that is the reason why i don’t wear shoes to honor her.”  
     (mark: 3:25 – 4:23 = Subtitles/closed captions)  
      Semper Fi?


  2. By the way, thank you so much for joining Monday’s Music Moves Me. You are definitely a wonderful addition to our little clan. Although I wish it was much larger 😦 I’ve tried for five years to no avail, but meeting just one person with your taste in music, knowledge and talent was well worth it. Thank you again for joining us. 🙂


    1. I’ll be interested to see where she goes with it. I mean, she just turned ten. I hope and pray she continues her singing and finds her own voice, and I think that’s happening.



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