Mittens, by Mary (#JusJoJan)

Today’s prompt is “mittens,” which is a golden opportunity for me to show off some of Mary’s handiwork. She is a knitter par excellence, and also crochets. She started the Charity Knitters and Crocheters group at church twelve years ago and is still active, and she was in charge of workshops for the North Georgia Knitting Guild until this year.





This is her most recent creation (below).



Now that we live in the South, she doesn’t wear full mittens. Instead, she wears fingerless mittens, which keep the hands warm while allowing use of the fingers.







Mary says she never met a mitten pattern she didn’t like. This is a book I got her for Christmas. Okay, she told me what to get.



She wanted to share a public service announcement: There’s no bad weather, only bad clothes for it. Be sure to bundle up when it’s cold out.


Linda Hill is the creator of Just Jot It January, and has pingbacks to all the other participants on her blog. Today’s prompt, “mittens,” came to us courtesy of Candy at Rhymes With Bug. Be sure to visit.

13 thoughts on “Mittens, by Mary (#JusJoJan)

  1. Those are just beautiful mittens and fingerless mittens. I love those fancy white ones! Almost everything I make are for the Hugger Hats groups. We make hats and other comfort items for homeless, patients, and others in need of comfort. The took a bags of my things which included the comfort dolls, to the local clinic and people were allowed to just choose what they wanted. I love doing things like that. Most of the yarn is also donated so I get to try all different kinds of yarns and patterns and just learn everything I can on knitting, crocheting and loom knitting. It is such a warm win/win! Hey, I like how she made sure she didn’t get perfume but rather the book she wanted. You are quite the find! Looks like she’s a smart lady!


    1. Mary has run the Charity Knitters and Crocheters group at our parish for a very long time, and she deals with yarn donations all the time, as well as getting finished items where they need to go. She never pressures the ladies to make anything or to increase their output, and yet they make a tremendous amount of clothing and blankets every year.

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      1. That’s how our charity is run. They supply everything, even the looms or needles. One day we all got together and there was a whole room of hats and things to sort through to separate sizes and genders when needed. There were so many it seems we could share with other towns nearby. Hugs to you and Mary!


    1. Yes, I saw where you were talking about them on your blog. It never really gets “mitten cold” here, but they do come in handy (so to speak…).



  2. I love all those mittens,and her by extension for making them they look fashionable and amazing. Public service announcement received!


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