The Super Bowl Sunday Week That Was

The Week That Was is sponsored this week by Swanson TV Dinners. Just heat and serve!

They always seemed to take much longer than 25 minutes in the oven. I don’t know if the problem was the oven or us trying to cook three of them at once.




  • Monday’s Music Moves Me featured Acoustic Alchemy. X-Mas Dolly and Colette both seemed to enjoy the music. As I told Colette, there’s plenty more on YouTube.
  • The Battle of the Bands was “Tito Puente vs. Al Jarreau in Battle ‘Take Five’.” The winner was Tito Puente, with a score of 8 to 3, with one abstention, which I announced on Friday. Arlee remarked that “no one has any business vocalizing ‘Take Five’>” Surprisingly, there are lyrics, evidently also written by Paul Desmond. Very few people have done the vocal, though. Probably just as well, although I think Bobby McFerrin could do an excellent a capella version. Of course, I had to check YouTube, and didn’t find Bobby singing it, but found this gem, with Chick Corea and Bobby playing the song on the piano.
  • Monday was also Question of the Month day. I appreciate those of you who said I did the right thing by ending a codependent relationship. It was hard for me to do, but ultimately it worked out for the best.


  • Two for Tuesday featured the music of Pink Floyd, another great progressive rock band from the ’60’s and ’70’s. Michele is a big fan of theirs, saying she especially likes their 1977 album Animals, especially the songs “Pigs” and “Sheep.” Wikipedia says this about the album: “it provides a scathing critique of the social-political conditions of late 1970s Britain, and presents a marked change in musical style from their earlier work.” Sounds like a great album, for sure.


  • Wednesdays for Mary (which Mary has asked me to rename back to “Wednesdays for my Wife” because she likes the alliteration) was the story of one of us contracting a fungal infection on his head because he wore a toilet plunger as a hat, not, as Mom suspected, because the barber we were going to infected him. Yes, it was a gross story. Boys do stuff like that.
  • I used a photo joke featuring Tarder Sauce, a/k/a Grumpy Cat, for One-Liner Wednesday. Many of you will be going to Super Bowl parties this afternoon and evening. Have fun, and watch out for drivers who have had too much to drink. As for me, the Super Bowl is merely an indication that Spring Training starts in two weeks.


  • I got back to doing Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, for which the prompt was “friendly,” and wrote about restaurants like Friendly’s, and Stuckey’s, and Perkins, which are a step up from the fast-food joints but not quite at the level of TGI Friday’s or Applebee’s. Hangry Fork said that he uses recommendations on Yelp to choose mom-and-pop restaurants, which is a good way to do it, now that there’s Yelp. In the pre-Yelp days, we would get in the car and drive around until we found a restaurant that looked reasonably safe good and eat there, or eat at the hotel, or even use the phone book to find a place, or order a pizza. Back in the pre-smartphone days, the phone book was a treasure trove of information for the business traveler.


  • Friday was National Weather Persons’ Day, so the theme of The Friday Five was songs about weather. Uncle Jack reminded me of a couple of songs I hadn’t thought of any of the times I’ve done a weather-related playlist, the standard “Stormy Weather” and “Singin’ In The Rain,” from the movie of the same name starring Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, and Debbie Reynolds. He and I both really like the scene of Gene singin’ and dancin’ in the rain, and I’m sure many of you do, too. Ed recommended John Fausett’s website, where he has a number of weather-related songs.


  • The Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt was “finger,” and I typed my entry on my Kindle Fire using the WordPress app using one finger. I’ll have to experiment with it some more, but it turned out all right for my first time. I talked mostly about my experience at the 2003 National Guitar Workshop, where my instructor recommended I learn to make music without wrestling with the guitar. Damien, who plays guitar, said he got started by playing chords and doing bass runs that he was hearing. That’s a much better approach than I took, which was to take lessons from someone who taught me using Mel Bay’s Modern Guitar Method, which I hated and didn’t practice. I think I learned more in the month after I stopped taking lessons than I did in the year I took them.

Oh, and I also wrote an article for the A to Z Challenge blog about making it easier for people to comment on your blog, a necessary component of the upcoming challenge. Have you signed up for it yet?

That’s it for this week. Thanks to everyone who commented, here, on the FM blog, and on Facebook. Next week, all the regular features and maybe a surprise or two. See you then!

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    1. The really good ones, I always thought, were the fried chicken dinners. And I thought the idea of adding dessert to them was sheer genius. It made the dinner that much more fun.


  1. That aluminum plated tv dinner is too cool! Do you remember the “enchirito” at Taco Bell back in the late 70’s? it was in an aluminum tray. I love blasts to the past like that. I wonder what will be obsolete in 20 years?


    1. I don’t think Taco Bell was in the Chicago area in the Seventies, or if they were, I had never been to one. You can still get the TV dinners, but I’m sure they’ve moved to a non-metallic tray that can go in the microwave. When you think about it, TV dinners are perfect for the microwave…

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