RIP Dan Hicks (#1LinerWeds)

So, Duke, Benny, Django and Stephane — he’s on his way — you’ll be laughing soon!

– CT Hicks, wife of Dan

The wife of Dan Hicks, best known for his work with Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks, posted this to let the world know that he died early this morning at home.

Dan Hicks (Photo: CT Hicks)

Dan described his music this way:

My music is kind of a blending. We have acoustic instruments. It starts out with kind of a folk music sound, and we add a jazz beat and solos and singing. We have the two girls that sing, and jazz violin, and all that, so it’s kind of light in nature, it’s not loud. And, it’s sort of, in a way, kinda carefree. Most of the songs are, I wouldn’t say funny, but kinda maybe a little humorous. We all like jazz, so we like to play in a jazzy way, with a swing sound you know, so I call it “folk swing”. There are a lot of original tunes that I’ve been writing through the years, so that has its personal touch on it. (Source: Wikipedia)

When my friend Mark tapped me on Facebook to let me know Dan had died (we first heard them when we were in high school), he mentioned the song “I Scare Myself,” from Dan’s 1972 album Striking It Rich with his Hot Licks (Sid Page, violin; John L. Girton, guitar; Jaime Leopold, bass; Maryann Price and Naomi Ruth Eisenberg, vocals). This video is from their 1989 appearance on PBS’s Austin City Limits (the guitarists in the back are members of another Dan Hicks group, the Acoustic Warriors).

Farewell, Dan, and say hello to Duke, Benny, Django, and Stephane from me.


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10 thoughts on “RIP Dan Hicks (#1LinerWeds)

  1. Dan Hicks has long been one of my favorite artists. I saw him twice in concert. First time was at a bar in Grand Junction, CO. with the Acoustic Warriors in 1981 I think it was–it was an amazing performance.

    The second time was in San Juan Capistrano, CA at a dinner theater venue when he was with a reformed version of the Hot Licks. That was probably around 1999. Another great concert.

    He was an outstanding musician who surrounded himself with other excellent musicians.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out


    1. Yes, he was. I didn’t get a chance to see him when he was in Hawai’i with Maria Muldaur about twenty years ago, and I could just kick myself. I did see him on the Tonight Show a couple of times and on “In Concert” the one time he was on, and I have a couple of his albums, just never saw him live. Oh well…



    1. I’ve been doing a lot more with HTML lately, mostly drawing boxes, and it seemed perfect for badge-making (much easier to manipulate than GIMP or Inkscape, at least if you’re not really artistically inclined). I tried using Retype (what I’ve been using to make badges) but couldn’t get the words to fit their templates. I found a place that will convert HTML code to a PNG image, so I wrote and tested the code, then submitted it. Voila! Instant badge!

      Dan made a couple of appearances on TV, mostly in the Seventies, some later, but most radio stations didn’t play his stuff. About par for the course…


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