The “One More Day In February” Week That Was

Here’s the cast of “Howdy Doody” (with Bison Bill (Ted Brown) subbing for Buffalo Bob Smith, who was recovering from a heart attack) for Welch’s Grape Jelly and Grapelade (grape jam).

Remember jelly glasses? Not necesssarily the ones with Clarabelle pictured on the bottom, but just in general.



Before I get started, for those who get the blog by mail, have you been receiving it all right? I’m hearing not everyone’s getting it, and I’m at a loss to explain why.

February drags on, and this year we get an extra day of it. I understand why they put the leap day at the end of February, a month that only has 28 days to begin with, but couldn’t they have added a June 31 instead of a February 29? It always seems that February lasts forever as it is. Why make it longer?

Anyway, the week in review…


  • The Eurythmics scored a decisive victory over Soundgarden in the latest Battle of the Bands, which pitted them against each other on The Beatles’ “Come Together.” Arlee pointed out that the tastes of our group of bloggers are likely different from the audience for UpVenue, and that a younger crowd might have voted differently. Makes sense to me.
  • The theme for Monday’s Music Moves Me was Motown, and my selections were heavily biased toward the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, which I consider the heyday of Motown’s brand of R&B.
  • Monday was also the day we opened the Linky for the A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal. The actual theme reveal takes place March 21, while the Challenge itself starts on Friday, April 1. I am happy to say that I figured out a theme for this year’s Challenge, which you’ll hear about on March 21. If you haven’t signed up for the Challenge, you have until April 1 to do so, and I hope you do.


  • Glam rockers Roxy Music, who count as a progressive rock band because of the things Brian Eno (who went by Eno in the early days) did with their sound, were the subject of this week’s Two for Tuesday. Brendan pointed out that their sound changed a lot toward the end, more of a pop sound that was popular in the early 1980’s, in the early MTV years. I read where the music for their last album, 1982’s Avalon, was written mostly in the studio while they were recording it. Sounds like an interesting approach.


  • I recounted the story of what the three of us did to our Aunt Jill the Christmas she got her movie camera for Wednesdays for My Wife. My brothers and cousins are enjoying the feature, I’m happy to say, and my cousin Julie (over on Facebook) suggested that we should all write stories starting with the line “Knowing that Jill was waiting at the end of the hall with her movie camera…” We all probably have at least once story that starts like that.
  • My quote for One-Liner Wednesday was from H. L. Mencken, “The Bard of Baltimore.” Mencken is required reading during election years, as is his modern counterpart, P. J. O’Rourke. One wonders what he’d have to say about the upcoming election.


  • My entry for Writer’s Workshop was about what I considered a memorable date, so I wrote about June 6, the day on which I had both my grammar school and high school graduation. (Not the same year, obviously.) I concentrated on my graduation from high school, wondering aloud why they chose to hold the senior prom the evening of graduation, and decided it must have been because we were already dressed for it. Ally Bean said “I like memories like this one. Layered, personal and quirky. Very interesting.” Thank you, Ally, it’s what I was aiming for. Kisma chose to tell me she was born the year I graduated high school… so I did what every grumpy old man does, told her to get off my lawn…


  • The Friday Five were performances from The Saturday Night Beech-Nut Show, courtesy of my friends over at the NRRArchive on YouTube. Dick Clark hosted the show, and Mollie told me that Dick Clark was a graduate of Syracuse University (Class of 1951), where she works. She pointed me at an article from 2013 about how the S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications was naming one of their studio buildings for him. I can’t think of a better tribute.


  • The prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday was “food.” I talked a little bit about my early days as a music performer, my early interest in the weather, and how food becomes something to do when you’re on the road as much as I was. Arlee mentioned that he used to make up songs that made fun of his sister. Yeah, we did that, too.


  • February ends, at long last, tomorrow, which means there’ll be another Battle of the Bands this Tuesday.
  • It’s a freebie tomorrow for Monday’s Music Moves Me, so I have to come up with a theme.
  • All the other regular features will be around (Two for Tuesday, Writer’s Workshop, The Friday Five, Stream of Consciousness Saturday, One-Liner Wednesday, Wednesdays for My Wife).
  • And, who knows? Maybe I’ll get a bee in my bonnet about something…

Thanks for reading, have a good week, and I’ll see you soon…

7 thoughts on “The “One More Day In February” Week That Was

  1. When I was a kid much of our family’s collection of drinking vessels was comprised of jelly glasses. I guess we used a lot of jelly.

    Later in the 70’s or so, the cabinets were filled with mason jars. They were bigger than the jelly glasses, but so were all the kids. I was an adult by then and had a far bigger thirst so the mason jars were much better for my needs.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out


  2. You really took me back to my childhood when you mentioned jelly glasses. We had several sets, one with the Flintstones. They were half of the reason my family bought jelly.
    And, yes, I’m getting the blog just fine.


    1. I’m not quite sure what the problem is… but if you’re getting it all right, others must be. A lot of my family gets notified on Facebook, but I’m not sure they know to click…


  3. I have yet for someone to tell me they were born in the year I graduated from high school, but should anyone say such a thing I’ll remember to do what you did. Made me laugh on that one.


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