My Top Ten Favorite Candies

It’s another mashup between the Writer’s Workshop and The Thursday Ten.



The prompt in question:

List your top 10 favorite candies.


I like just about any candy you have, and it shows, unfortunately. Anyway, these are the first ten I thought of.

Starlight Mints

I wrote about starlight mints for last year’s A to Z Challenge. (This year’s is coming up on April 1, by the way, and I hope you’ve signed up. If not, check this out for further details.)


We don’t go to movies like we used to, at least not since my stroke, because it’s too hard to get out of chairs once I get into them, but when we did, this was one of my favorite candies.


Another movie favorite. The same company comes out with all-black licorice ones, which are called Crows.


Yet another movie favorite. We went to the movies once and I bought a big bag of these. When I tried to open it, the bag tore and about a quarter of them spilled out onto the floor, making these little “ping”ing sounds. Was my face ever red…

Hershey Bars

Occasionally (i.e. when I can talk Mary into it), we get a couple of the big bars and split them. I’m not talking about the five-pound ones…

Tootsie Rolls

Not the big ones; the stubby ones and the ones the Knights of Columbus sell every year. I worked for a company that kept bowls of candy around, and these were one of them.

Snickers bars

If I can’t talk Mary into the Hershey bars, I can usually talk her into Snickers. Ron Santo, Hall of Fame third baseman from both Chicago teams (he played his last season for the White Sox), used to advertise these. Ron suffered from diabetes all his life, and a Snickers in the dugout would keep his blood sugar up during ballgames.


Another candy they used to have around the office, at practically every company I worked for. They used to pass around baskets of these during classes.

Candies from Ferrara Pan

This company is based in Forest Park, Illinois, just off the Eisenhower Expressway (I-290). They make Lemonheads (and other -heads candies), Boston Baked Beans, Jaw Breakers, and Red Hots. They merged with a couple of other candy companies and also produce gummy bears and other kinds of candy. I saw an episode of Unwrapped on The Food Network which visited the Ferrara company and saw how they make the “pan” candies. Really interesting: the process is similar to mixing cement or polishing rocks. I love shows like that, that show how things are made. I have a degree in Production and Operations Management, so I guess it figures.

jelly beans

I got my love of starlight mints from my grandmother; I got my love of jelly beans from my mother. They don’t even have to be Jelly Bellys or other designer brands; any old cheap jelly beans will do. Mom also liked spice drops, another favorite of mine. Like I said, I like just about any kind of candy.

I could probably do another ten, but that would be overkill. I mean, I didn’t talk about M&M’s (plain and peanut), Brach’s Royals (caramel candy with a flavored filling, like orange, maple, vanilla), Caramel Bullseyes (I liked eating the bull’s-eye first, then the caramel), or any of the others. What’s your favorite?

37 thoughts on “My Top Ten Favorite Candies

  1. Oh candy!! Can’t go a day without some…any kind will do. I love it all, but yes kit kats are a favorite. My other would be Jr. Mints, or York Peppermint patties. ..Haha, I get on a marathon of one kind sometimes, like you mentioned the circus peanuts.:) I remember the commercial with the lady and the lion! It was funny.


  2. Back in 2012, I had a tumour that encapsulated my gallbladder. It was awful because it was kind of like having gallstones. I couldn’t eat meat or greasy things and I lost tons of weight. Since I live in Canada, I was put on a surgical waiting list — 8 months long. So for 8 months I snacked on those starlight mints every single day. They were my saving grace. They made my stomach feel better.
    My husband bought them at a wholesale dealer by HUGE bag fulls.
    I only eat them every once in a while now.


    1. That’s why my grandmother ate them, I think. She had all kinds of issues with her stomach, leading to a resection, and when they told her she’d need gall bladder surgery as well, she refused. She cured herself by eating cottage cheese and other bland, fat-free foods, and the starlights helped her digestion.


  3. I like Twizzzlers and dots too, especially at the movies. I used to always bring the pull-apart Twizzlers on roadtrips with the kids and to this day my daughter says the sight of them makes her car sick. Haha.


  4. I love chocolate so Kit Kat is my go to. I love rockets also and there are these fruit sticks that are chewy and come in different flavours like strawberry, orange and raspberry. Yum!


    1. Don’t think I’ve heard of rockets, but I think I have seen the sticks you’re talking about. Kit Kat’s a great one… do you remember the ad where an old lady said “Next to my big kitty, I like the taste of a Kit Kat,” and there’s a lion sitting beside her? XD


  5. Now you’re talking my language. I’m a candy fiend and with diabetes that’s not good. At least I have my meds to control the sugar. I love all candies. M&M’s, Heath bars, Smarties–so many. I love boxes of Whitman, Russel Stover, or any chocolates. Now I want candy–I’m not talking any “strange love”, but if it were sung the artist would be the Strangeloves.

    Had to throw some music in this candy bowl.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out


    1. Like I said, mine was just the first ten I could think of. πŸ™‚

      That was the original recording, from 1965, wasn’t it? Apparently Brian Poole and The Tremeloes did the British version. Great song…



  6. Lots of great choices here. Not sure if I could name all mine, but I’ll give 10 a shot.
    Twix Bars,
    Jelly Bellies
    Mounds Bars
    Jelly Babies (A British favourite of mine)
    Any kind of a Bridge Mix
    Licorice All-Sorts
    Jolly Ranchers &
    I’ll steal your Ferrara Pan – I grew up with these. Alexander the Grape, Aligator Eggs, Boston Baked, Lemon Heads, many others. Funny story. I was in a car with my step-mother when she noticed a Walgreens sign advertising 2 for 1 Ferrara Pan. She looked at me and said, “What on Earth are those? Who’s going to know what those are?” I turned to her and informed her they are candy and we need to stop.


    1. Bridge mix! Another of my mother’s favorites. You’ve got a couple here I forgot: Twix, Mounds (and don’t forget Almond Joy), Jolly Ranchers (another of those candies businesses tend to leave out for everyone). Never actually had Jelly Babies. The Ferrara Pan candies were the best, weren’t they?



  7. I like Snickers, but I don’t like fruity flavored candy so the rest of your choices don’t appeal to me. Of course, that just means there’s more for you. Fun list.


    1. What about Hershey bars?

      These are just the ones I thought of off the top of my head, doing it stream-of-consciousness style. I know I left a bunch out.



  8. We seem not to have much in common here, but yours is a tasty list regardless πŸ™‚
    Orange slices, butterscotch, licorice, Mounds, Raisinets, Fireballs, Twix, Reese’s cups, non-pareils, truffles.


      1. Not a fan of almonds unless they’re slivered. Like my peanuts plain πŸ˜›
        I’d eat about 1/3 of your list — Tootsie Rolls are my fave on your list!


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