This ‘n’ That #socs

“This ‘n’ That With Rusty”…. remember it?

We were really into MADtv in the early 2000’s, not long after our mothers died. The shows were on heavy rotation at Comedy Central, sometimes all Saturday afternoon, and we’d sit and watch it.

We used to drive from Atlanta to Chicago about once a year, sometimes twice, and stop in a Comfort Inn on the way. On one trip, we saw a couple of cats in the parking lot and decided to take them home, but after we were done with our business in Chicago. When we got back to the Comfort Inn a few days later (we weren’t going to spend the night), we could only find one of the cats, so we took her home, and named her Cece, after Antonia’s cat (Antonia was a not-terribly-bright character played by Nicole Sullivan on MADtv, one of whose recurring lines was “I have a cat named Cece”). She’s been here thirteen years now, and still doesn’t let me touch her, and will only let Mary pet her if Homer, our orange tabby, is standing nearby and getting attention. Cece bonded with Homer and his brother Jethro, who died a couple of years ago, when she got here. Jethro used to grab her by the scruff of the neck and get on top of her, which made us laugh because all three of them have been fixed. Homer does it now that Jethro’s gone.

I don’t have any pictures of them, at least not that I can lay my hands on right now. We aren’t especially good at keeping pictures, of the cats or anyone else. We did for a while, then just stopped and gave it up. No idea why, just did.

I had a lousy night last night. I made the mistake of reading the political crap on Facebook and was awake until almost four stewing about it. I hate politics, have I said that before? I hate them because they ruin my sleep. Like last night. I decided to vote third-party this year so I don’t have to deal with “I hate Clinton, I hate Trump,” and deleted Facebook from my Kindle Fire this afternoon. I’ll still post announcements of blog posts there, and will get on once a week (through the browser on one of my computers; why do you ask?) to reply to comments and catch up with my groups, but that’s it, at least until the election is over, and maybe going forward. I don’t need the aggravation. My blood pressure’s high enough as it is (I take three meds to keep it in the acceptable range) and I have enough trouble with my stomach that I need Maalox or Mylanta to calm it down.

And that’s that.



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9 thoughts on “This ‘n’ That #socs

  1. I’ve never even remotely followed American politics until now. It’s like watching a train-wreck. Enough to keep you up at night indeed. Good for you for putting your foot down and ignoring it.


    1. Out of a nation of 350 million people, you would think we could turn up people more worthy of the office of President than the ones we have to choose from this year. It’s been this bad since 1968.

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  2. I have stayed off of FB because of all the silly political nonsense. This year has been a complete circus, its embarrassing.

    We had a cat for 18 years that refused to let men touch him. He would lay in my lap after he confirmed it was safe, but as soon as my husband even thought about giving him a pat on the head, he’s hiss and scurry away. Felines are awesome aren’t they.


    1. This year, more than any of them, it’s “damned if you do” and “damned if you don’t” with the election. Regardless of who wins, it’s an embarrassment.

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    1. They ALL look terrible if you look close enough. You’d think a country of over 300 million people could produce better choices than this…


  3. I’m so tired of listening to the politics. I do my best to time it out but it is very difficult. I’m sorry you lost sleep over it. It’s hard not to… 😏


    1. I remember the days when the parties picked the candidates and there wasn’t this perpetual campaign going on. It’s all for the news stations, and the more I think about it, they’re the scourge of humanity.

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