Two for Tuesday: Kraftwerk



I’m working off this list of progressive acts, and one of those listed is Kraftwerk. They were one of the early electronic bands out of Düsseldorf, Germany, forming in 1970. They stayed together until 2008 after releasing ten studio albums and 26 singles. They were mostly popular in their native Germany, the UK, and the British Commonwealth countries; I think you’ll agree they were an acquired taste.

Their best-known song is 1975’s “Autobahn,” the title track from their 1974 album. It was their most popular tune in the US, reaching #25. I remember this as being the soundtrack for a couple of commercials, maybe for Volkswagen, I’m not sure. There are short, medium, and long versions of this; this is the medium version.

Our second song today is “Das Model,” videotaped live in 1980. This reached #1 in the UK for one week in 1981 and #7 in Germany that year. They look like a cross between Devo and the dancers from “Sprockets” on Saturday Night Live.

Kraftwerk, your Two for Tuesday, March 22, 2016.

13 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday: Kraftwerk

  1. I remember Kraftwerk, but not Das Model. Definitely reminiscent of Devo. Cool to hear my native tongue again. 🙂 Düsseldorf in an hour’s drive from my birthplace.


    1. Ir did pretty well in the Commonwealth and Germany; we never heard it here. The only thing I can actually heard by them before today was”Autobahn.”


  2. A German figure skater did his long program to ‘Autobahn’. Kind of dreamy music, that was…


    1. I can see that. It would certainly be more interesting than the classical pieces they usually choose, not that there’s anything wrong with them.


  3. Have always loved Kraftwerk (plus many of the other electro-pop artists they have influenced) – I still remember cruising around with my mates when we got our first cars back in the early 80s, with Das Model, Neon Lights or We Are The Robots blasting out of the speakers : )


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