I must be crazy… #socs #atozchallenge

Today’s portmanteau word for the A to Z Challenge is here.


It seems I created a bit of confusion here yesterday…

I posted my portmanteau word for the A to Z Challenge, “advertainment,” at 6:00 AM EDT yesterday. I then added a post for the Battle of the Bands (Battle “Moonlight in Vermont,” The Johnny Smith Quintet vs. Jo Stafford) and my usual Friday Five post, for which I chose the theme “songs whose titles start with the letter ‘A’,” in celebration of the start of A to Z. The problem was, I had led everyone who showed up after about 2:00 PM EDT that my theme for the Challenge was “five songs that have something to do with the letter of the day.”

My reaction? “Oh, fiddlesticks [or words to that effect]! I’ve managed to confuse everyone!”

Then I got to thinking: You know, everyone seems to enjoy the music posts; maybe I should start another blog and use it for my secondary theme… Problem is, that throws the whole simulcast idea out of sync, and that wouldn’t be nice to those of you who read and comment over there. So I thought I might just apologize for my faux pas, explain what happened and promise it would never ever happen again, and be done with it.

Then, I said, “hey, wait a second; why can’t I have two themes? You know, portmanteaus and songs?” I started to brush off the idea, thinkinhg I must be crazy, but something just told me, “No! It’s a great idea! Do both on the one blog.” Since Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt for today was “be,” it all worked out,at least for now.

So here we go, five songs with “be” in the title in some form. And, since several folks have trouble with the playlists, I’ll just run them in-stream, one after the other.

“Let It Be” – The Beatles: The single version. With Billy Preston on Hammond organ.

“Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy” – The Tams

“Beginnings” – Chicago: The album version, with the Latin percussion at the end.

“Let It Be Me” – The Everly Brothers

“Be Bop A Lula” – Cliff Richard

A2Z-BADGE [2016]


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  1. John, I truly admire your determination, (smile). You’ve just reminded me ‘why’ I am satisfied being a minion (only) this year.
    This is amazing. It was great to hear The Tams again… it’s been too long for this fan of “all things Motown.”

    P.S. I have a BOTB, if you can swing by… I understand if it doesn’t happen this month!
    dcrelief from dcrelief – Battle of the Bands


  2. I really enjoyed thos article mainly because of your writing style, it was very humorous and light. I also liked your five songs, they’re a very good choice!


    1. That whole “Let It Be” album is remarkable despite the overbearing contributions of Phil Spector and his “wall o’ sound.” There is (or was, anyway) a CD called “Let It Be… Naked,” where it’s just John, Paul, George, Ringo, and Billy Preston (who played keyboards on the album and was rumored to be a future member). It gives a whole different perspective.

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  3. Love all the Be Bop A Lula tunes you posted today my friend… so let it be… said that this post has great beginnings and that we should stay young, stay foolish and stay happy, and all I can say now is let’s keep having fun and let it be me that’s having fun with my new friend… HUGS AND HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!


  4. I have done two blogs on the challenge. I guess one had a theme as it is recipes. But, I never actually do themes. I do love the song idea. I love music.


  5. John, crazy happens to all of us on occasion. 😀 I thought about the mix up yesterday and wanted to tell you that since you do multiple posts most days then you might want to include a list of your posts on your sidebar. This might easier steer the right people to the right post. It’s just a thought anyhow. I know this year, I decided to include my signature to reflect the alpha-prompt for that day so others can find what they are looking for easier. Of course, I also have a list of my current posts and a calendar (like you) in my sidebar. But, I’m sure no matter how well you cover these things some thing is bound to slip through the crack. Thanks for the good music!


    1. I’ve had it at Ted’s Montana Grill (run by Ted Turner, who raises buffalo in Montana) and it is good. Haven’t seen it in the grocery store, though.


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