#atozchallenge: Eurasia

Eurasia =
Europe + Asia


Eurasia (Source: Wikipedia)

Europe and Asia are considered two separate continents, but they occupy the same land mass, which we call Eurasia. The Ural and Caucasus Mountains in Russia are the dividing line between the two continents, but where one continent ends and the other begins is arbitrary and dates back to antiquity, probably based on the appearance of the people. The Suez Canal separates Eurasia from Africa, so the three continents are really one big ol’ land mass, the same way North and South America (physically divided by the Panama Canal) are a big ol’ land mass. (“Big ol’,” as in “You a big ol’ boy, ain’tcha?” is a Southern US expression meaning “large.”)

We refer to a person who has both European and Asian features as “Eurasian.” Personally, I’m a little tired of distinguishing between what we call “the races.” As Bill Nye the Science Guy said, regardless of our outward appearance or anthropological differences, we’re all humans, and that’s the only race there is. What do you think?


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  1. One race. Too many clans to count. In some distant future we can only imagine, even if we can agree we’re One Race, will we ever overcome our war-mongering xenophobia?


  2. Being classed as one race is so narrow. I hesitate when a form asks if I’m White or even Caucasian. If it also offers the Latino option, I frown even more. I’m white, but I have Chilean blood… which would make me Caucasian. Not exactly – somewhere there is some Araucanian genes that are native South American. But I am Human… I think.


  3. I think race is just another way to describe people. Some of us are caucasian, some are black, some are Asian. Same way as some of us are tall, some others are short. Some are blond, some others are red-haired. Some have a deep voice, some a soft voice.
    I don’t think we should deny it. Why would I deny to be dark-hair? Same way, I don’t see why I’d deny (or not aknowledge) to be caucasian. It’s just one of my features, like many others.

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  4. Interesting topic. Where I’m from, race is so important that in our identity card (yes, all citizens here have an identity card), our race is identified. Race is divisive.


  5. Eurasia has always confused me why it is considered two different continents. Well, I understand it I guess. Different plates. But it’s hard to see considering they are all one big land mass.
    We are all the human race.


  6. I couldn’t agree with you more, John. I’ve been mistaken for so many ethnicities/races, it seems arbitrary to me.

    I love your theme BTW.


    1. Thanks! It is arbitrary and puts a wall between people. We should be past that by now.

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  7. I like saying the word Eurasia. And yes, I agree: let’s just commit to being people and forget about labels! There would be much more peaceful nations if we all did that, after all..

    Michele at Angels Bark


  8. Hi John – couldn’t agree more .. we’re all human and we need to treat each other as we wish to be treated ourselves … and yes Eurasia is used at times … the huge continent has been connected for millennia … cheers Hilary


  9. This is a fascinating topic – well explained and well presented. I completely agree with you about distinguishing between races, we are all one people. A great post, thanks for sharing! 🙂


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