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There are some situations when five songs can hardly summarize a musical career. Such is the case with Ioanna “Nana” Mouskouri. I mean, the woman has recorded a hundred or so albums (the link takes you to a partial discography) in multiple languages, including English, Greek, French, Spanish, Turkish, and others. She was once asked if she could sing a song in German; she said “I don’t speak German, but I suppose I could.”

Despite her being one of the most popular singers in the world, I hate to say that I had never sat down to listen to her music before today. I had seen pictures of her and knew her by the dark-framed glasses she wore and her shoulder-length hair, but was unfamiliar with her music. I’m sure I’ve heard it, somewhere, before today. A shame I didn’t realize it. She’s wonderful.

Here are five songs by Ms. Mouskouri, chosen completely at random, because I didn’t know where to start or finish. And since today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt is “no,” I’ll work that in somehow…

Song No. 1: I Have A Dream – ABBA did a cover of this song, and when I heard Nana’s version, I had to double-check and make sure it was hers and not ABBA’s.

Song No. 2: Love Story – From the movie of the same name. I think I like hers better than Andy Williams’s.

Song No. 3: Adieu, Angeline – Probably from the Sixties, an appearance on French TV.

Song No. 4: Greek Medley – Okay, I have no idea what the songs are (two years of high school Greek did diddly for me), but I really like this medley, because I like Greek music, and its adjunct, Greek food.

Song No. 5: The White Rose of Athens – Maybe her best-known song.

Nana’s retired from performing now, but still comes out with an album from time to time. A lot of her music is available on YouTube, for your listening pleasure.

Are you familiar with Nana Mouskouri’s music? If so, which is your favorite song/album of hers?

7 thoughts on “Five by Nana Mouskouri #atozchallenge #socs

  1. Hi John – Nana Mouskouri is a beautiful singer .. she stood out from the crowd. I loved her voice … she was much loved in Germany – I only heard that bit of info yesterday … She was so talented … wonderful selection – cheers Hilary


  2. I had never heard of her before either until this past Christmas when my mother-in-law wanted some of her CDs. Could not find her in any of the local stores so had to go online to get some. I was amazed by all the songs she did. Just listened to “Love Story” above and it gave me chills. Thanks for sharing! Have a great Sunday!


  3. I used to scoff because my mom liked her so but that was whe I was young and stupid. I now really appreciate her strong voice and wonderful musical styling.


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