The Week That Was for I-N Week, 2016

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I’m still looking for the Breeze detergent ads with Dolly Parton and Porter Waggoner…

The Week That Was

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m exhausted. The A to Z Challenge is lots of fun, but it’s a lot of work, whether or not you’re one of the co-hosts. I need a strategy to get through the next couple of weeks.

Thanks to all of you who visited and left a like or comment this week. I’ll reply to and visit all of you eventually. Maybe this week? Who knows?

You might have noticed I didn’t do a Battle of the Bands on Friday; I’m going to skip this round, although I will get to everyone who did one.

So, this week’s portmanteaus for that A to Z theme:

  • infomercial: A few of you admitted told me that you’ve bought things through infomercials. Michele said, “Hasn’t everyone?” Liam said another song about buying things, some from infomercials is “What Was I Thinking?” by Christine Lavin. Alana said she hasn’t bought anything from infomercials, but her mother-in-law has, and she wasn’t impressed. We bought a knife sharpener from one of those, which came with several pairs of scissors, probably included to make the box heavier so they can charge more for “processing and handling.”
  • jackalope: Everyone’s favorite hybrid animal, at least based on the number of them I’vee seen in barbecue places all over the South. Jeffrey thinks the platypus, with its duck’s bill, otter’s feet, beaver’s tail, and its method of reproduction (laying eggs) could be an animal like that, although “platypus” isn’t a portmanteau. Ally said the griffin (part lion, part eagle) is another example of a hybrid animal, but again, “griffin” isn’t a portmanteau. As I told Joey, I’ll be sharing another hybrid animal this Saturday, so keep your eyes peeled.
  • knitch: Got this one from Mary, who’s a knitter par excellence, as I’ve mentioned here before. Nice to hear that many of you are knitters as well. I keep telling Mary she ought to write a blog about knitting, but so far she politely declines. Several of you mentioned that you do a certain amount of “frogging” (where you “rip it, rip it, rip it” back to before the mistake).
  • linner or lupper: Jeffrey says his word for a meal between lunch and dinner that takes the place of both is “lunner.”
  • Muppets: I think it’s generally agreed that we all love the Muppets. A lot of us were unaware of he derivation of the word, but that was what Jim Henson said. He also denied that was how he came up with the word. He passed away in 1990, so I guess we’ll never know for sure.
  • Netizen: Everyone agrees that the rules of Netiquette (another portmanteau!) basically boil down to “don’t be a jerk.” I think we can all agree that not being a jerk applies to one’s online life as well.

And here were topics of this week’s music A to Z. If you didn’t get a chance to give these a listen, you’re missing out…

Lynn was disappointed that I had failed to include her favorite, all-time, Muppet musical number. Just for you, Lynn…

As I explained to her, I’m sure I’ve seen it, just don’t remember it. They use the song as a cheer at ballgames now…

I also wrote another “Wednesdays for My Wife” story, about my days with a competition bagpipe-and-drum band. Everyone who left a comment thought it was funny…

Anyhow, that’s The Week That Was for this week. Be sure and join me this week as I continue exploring portmanteaus and winging my way through music. See you then!

5 thoughts on “The Week That Was for I-N Week, 2016

  1. Don’t you just love vintage commercials? Were those plastic? Or actual glass? How many were shipped and they found broken glass in the box I wonder. Does that sound kind of weird? It Duz.


    1. They were apparently actual glass, which wasn’t that unusual. I think they came wrapped in a cardboard tube (bubblewrap hadn’t been invented yet) to minimize the breakage. I’m sure some did, anyway.


  2. LOL, I took this month off. I’ve been blogging in this community long enough to know you either participate in A-Z, or sit it out. No in between. I can write that many posts, but don’t have the will power to VISIT that many posts a day. Kudos to those who take up the challenge and perservere.

    Don’t bother visiting me, I’m not there 🙂 Just checking in with some BotB Buds. Good Luck John.


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