#atozchallenge: Rockumentary

rockumentary =
rock + documentary


A rockumentary is a documentary film or TV show about a rock band or musicians. I’ve seen a few of these…

  • Mad Dogs and Englishmen, which followed Joe Cocker on his “Mad Dogs and Englishmen” tour in the late 1960’s with Leon Russell and others.
  • Woodstock, which focused on the Woodstock festival.
  • The Last Waltz, the film of the final concert by The Band, featuring many of the musicians they worked with over the years.
  • Hail! Hail! Rock & Roll, film of two concerts celebrating Chuck Berry’s 60th birthday.
  • The Beatles Anthology, detailing the history of the Beatles, coinciding with the three Beatles Anthology albums.

I’ve also seen a couple of great “mockumentaries,” films that are parodies of rockumentaries: This is Spinal Tap, about a tour with the British heavy metal band Spinal Tap (Michael McKean, Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer), and All You Need Is Cash, about a band called The Rutles, a takeoff on The Beatles (George Harrison has a bit part as an interviewer). I understand there’s a follow-up to that one, The Rutles: Can’t Buy Me Lunch.

Here’s a scene from This is Spinal Tap, where Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest) shows Rob Reiner his guitar room.

What rockumentaries have you seen?


20 thoughts on “#atozchallenge: Rockumentary

  1. I’ve seen a few of these as well, including the mockumentaries. The last one was “Super Duper Alice Cooper”, a Canadian production.


  2. I’ve also heard of mockumentary i.e. the one about mermaids on Animal Planet shown last year or the year before. Everyone thought it was an actual thing as it had interviews with “experts’ and excellent graphics and a seemingly sound scientific explanation. I found out later that viewers were upset with Animal Planet for showing it as they truly did believe the contents. I almost did too LOL


  3. Two rockumentaries that I can think of off the top of my head that I saw were of Aerosmith and U2. I know I’ve seen more but it’s too early in the morning for me to think this hard… 🙂

    Michele at Angels Bark


    1. U2 had two, at least Wikipedia says so (and I’m beginning to doubt it’s a complete list); the one I’ve heard of (and probably the one you’re thinking of) is “Rattle and Hum.”


  4. I don’t know if I’ve seen any rocumentaries. The spoof one, This is Spinal Tap looks like it might be a fun watch. Would you recommend it? I think if I ever watch, I’m going to turn my volume up to 11.


  5. There seems to be a lot of these out there. I particularly liked the ones about Neil Young (“Heart of Gold”), Kansas (“Miracles Out Of Nowhere”) and America (ironically, I don’t think it had a name).


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