The Top 5 from WLS Radio Chicago, April 27, 1974 #atozchallenge


WLS logo during the 1970’s. Source: WLS History Site

Just so you know, by the time you get this, I’ll be getting poked and prodded by my doctor. My first annual Medicare checkup…

1974 was a big year in my life, and WLS was my favorite radio station, so this was just meant to be. Here are the Top Five from their survey on this date 42 years ago.

#5: Hooked On A Feeling – Blue Swede: The band from Stockholm had borrowed Jonathan King’s arrangement of this classic B. J. Thomas song and rode it all the way as high as #1 in Chicago, where it moved back and forth with Elton John’s “Benny And The Jets.” It was down from #2 the week before, and was out of the Top Five the following week.

#4: The Loco-motion – Grand Funk: By this time, they had dropped the “Railroad” from their name and had added Craig Frost on keyboards, making them a quartet. Up from #7 the week before, this would capture the top spot the following week.

#3: Come And Get Your Love – Redbone: The Native American band took this song to #2 the following week, and it stayed in the Top Five until Memorial Day weekend. It was their only song to be an international hit.

#2: The Lord’s Prayer – Sister Janet Mead: My mother was a teacher, and remembers the day the kids in her class were dancing to this, apparently oblivious to the fact that it was the Lord’s Prayer. Sister Janet, an Australian Sister of Mercy, is the second nun to chart, the first being Soeur Sourire, “The Singing Nun,” who had an international hit with “Dominique” in the early Sixties. This was as high as it got, being knocked out of the Top Five the next week by Marvin Hamlisch’s “The Entertainer” and a new entry, Ray Stevens’ “The Streak.”

#1: Benny And The Jets – Elton John: This spent three weeks at #1, but by the following week it fell to #5 and was out of the Top Five the week after that, when the #1 song in Chicago was Ray Stevens’ “The Streak.”

So that’s what we were listening to 42 years ago.

16 thoughts on “The Top 5 from WLS Radio Chicago, April 27, 1974 #atozchallenge

  1. Sister Janet Mead? Who knew???
    I remember boogie’in’ to all the rest of them tho’!
    Fun A to Z! Thanks.


  2. 1974 was such a good year! I so remember all these songs (except the Lord’s Prayer) and grooving to them at the time.
    That was interesting that the Lord’s Prayer hit #1 on the charts. That surprised me.

    Great song selection John. I wish I could go back to ’74.

    Michele at Angels Bark


    1. Sister Janet never made it to #1, actually, but she did reach #2, much higher than anyone would have expected.

      ’74 was a great year, and sometimes I’d like to start over from then. Other times it’s ’71, ’62, ’84…


  3. I actually entered Community College during 1974 and once again began to listen to POPULAR radio. All of these songs make me think of people I knew, including that damn Blue Suede song, which was on the jukebox at the place we used to go after the hockey games. I hated it.

    I hope your checkup was okay.


    1. Checkup was fine; I’ll be going to a therapist to see what they can do about my leg, which swells to the size of a bowling ball during the day. Compression socks would help, if I could get them on.

      Jukeboxes tend to be that way. We had one at Loyola that, as far as I knew, played one song, “Car Wash.” Someone finally took a pair of hedge clippers to the power cord…


  4. Hope you got on ok at your checkup. For me 1974 was Terry Jacks – Seasons in the Sun, and the Holiies – The Air that I Breathe. Benny and the Jets was on Goodbye Yellow Brick Road if I remember correctly, which I still have on yellow vinyl …


    1. “Seasons in the Sun” was at #12 that week, down from #8 the week before. It had reached #1 in mid-March. “The Air That I Breathe” (a great song; love those Hollies harmonies) hadn’t charted yet, though I know it did eventually. I just can’t find it.


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