A Rainy Week That Was In Georgia

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The Seventies and Eighties were big on commercials for cologne, perfume, and other “fragrances.” Those commercials have all but disappeared from TV, as have most of the associated fragrances. I’m sure there are some and I’m just not watching TV at the right times. Plus the stations I watch generally carry commercials for burial insurance, catheters, diabeetus testing supplies (don’t see old Wilford much these days, either), Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and tragic appeals for donations from St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and the ASPCA. Not that I disagree with the work done by St. Jude’s or the ASPCA, which is worthy of donations, but the commercials are a little dramatic.

The Week That Was

You have until Tuesday night to vote in my latest Battle of the Bands, Battle “Swing Gitan” pitting The Ghost Notes against Bireli Lagrene (I don’t see Bireli in it, but that’s how it’s labeled). Winner announced Wednesday.

I’ll attempt to answer the Question of the Month this month. I’ve missed the last couple. Don’t take me off the list, Michael.

This past Monday was Memorial Day, which is the unofficial start of summer in the US (the unofficial end of summer is Labor Day, the first Monday in September). For Monday’s Music Moves Me, I shared five songs from the playlist I built for Writer’s Workshop last year, songs about summer. The full playlist is here, for those of you who missed it. We had a couple of comments about the appropriateness of saying “Happy Memorial Day,” since the day commemorates those who have fallen in battle. Colette said she wondered about it, but “alas, that is the way.” Stacy said that, while it’s a day to remember, it’s also the first day of summer, and we should celebrate it. Good point.

Two for Tuesday’s featured artist was Ricky Nelson, who grew up in front of the TV cameras and became a bona fide rock & roll star right before our eyes. Arlee especially liked his work with the Stone Canyon Band, a group that was the first of the many country-rock bands in the Seventies. Janet said she had a crush on him. I think those of us around dring that era all had a crush on one actor or actress. Mine was Patty Duke from her eponymous show, but only as Cathy Lane, the French cousin. Also, Sally Field as Sister Bertrille in The Flying Nun, except she was celibate. Oh well…

Wednesday’s One-Liner was from comedian Jake Flores, who posted something to Twitter and had it go viral. He wrote an article for The New York Times about it, which is linked in the post. I never managed to link the post back to Linda; I’ll be right back… Okay, I’m back.

My unpleasant college memory, that I wrote for Writer’s Workshop on Thursday, got a lot of reaction. Several of you shared stories of classes that were your Waterloo, as physics was for me. Others had stories of knowing or being married to engineers and being unable to fathom how they get excited about what they do. I think it takes a certain sort of person to be an engineer, and I wasn’t one of them. One man’s fish is another’s poison, as they say. Or, as I always say, one man’s fish is the Frenchman’s poisson. Joey commented that my running into someone I knew who suggested a counselor was an example of the saying “People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.” (I think that was the saying she was talking about.) There are times that I see the hand of God, and this was one of them.

The Friday Five turned out to be the Friday Ten, because there are so many songs that have “dream” in the title, and I was happy because Mary from Jingle Jangle Jungle decided to do the Friday Five. I asked for suggestions of other songs, and have at least five, so that’ll be the subject of this week’s F5. But I’m not going to cut it off there. If you have a favorite song with “dream” in the title, leave it in a comment, either here or in the original post.

The prompt for yesterday’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday was “book,” and instead of “book” the noun, I wrote about “book” the verb, as in “Let’s book!” In this case, “book” means leave, more than likely in a hurry. Eli said he used the expression with his daughters once and confused them. Tasha at Corner of Confessions said she had let the term slip out of her vocabulary, but was going to work it back in.

That’s The Week That Was in an 800-word nutshell. This week, more of the same kind of stuff. See you soon!

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