Monday’s Music Moves Me: Three Dog Night Songs By The Original Composers

Last week’s featured artist on Two for Tuesday was Three Dog Night. As I mentioned then, they weren’t known for their songwriting abilities, but for their interpretations of the work of other composers. I thought it might be interesting to feature those composers doing their own songs, and link to 3DN’s version so you can compare. This will be a sort of theme for the next several weeks on 2FT, so sit back and enjoy!

Eli’s Coming – Laura Nyro

Chest Fever – The Band

Out In The Country – Paul Williams

Joy To The World – Hoyt Axton

Shambala – Daniel Moore

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for June 13, 2016. Be sure to join me starting this Tuesday for the Composers of Three Dog Night’s Hits!

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9 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me: Three Dog Night Songs By The Original Composers

    1. They add the harmonies you don’t hear with the originals. The one exception might be Laura Nyro, who did her own harmonies on “Eli’s Comin’.”


  1. Wow, didn’t realize some of these tunes went that far back. Thanks for sharing that little tid bit… some of that is really good to know. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed my party!!! Many friends forgot my birthday so I’m a tad depressed, but your tunes picked me up a bit. TANKS !!!!


    1. I was surprised that they stayed so close to the original versions in many cases. But again, they were responsible for bringing that music to a lot of people. I had never heard of Randy Newman before “Mama Told Me Not To Come,” for example, and had seen Paul Williams on the “Tonight” show a number of times, but wasn’t sure how good he was before I heard 3DN do “Out In The Country,” one of my all-time favorites.


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