Liquid Refreshment #socs

About the only things I drink now are water and decaf coffee. And milkshakes, the occasional Frapuccino, and the lemonade at Chick-Fil-A.

I used to drink alcoholic beverages to excess, especially when I was in college and when I was in the pipe band. For a long time, I’d have three or four beers at home when I came home from work. I never liked to drink when I was driving, sso that kept me from doing it too much, but when I was in a mood to drink, I did. Then I learned I had high blood pressure, and had to take medication for it. I decided it probably was a good idea to stop drinking beer and whiskey altogether, so I did. I don’t miss it. I was talking to a friend of mine once, and mentioned that. He said, “I’m the same way. I figured I did enough of that when I was younger.”

My problem was the energy drinks, like Red Bull. I’d have a few of those a day, much more than any sane person should. It was probably that constant jacking my metabolism up that brought on my stroke. That and trying to get everything done at once, because I had been putting it off.

When I got out of the hospital, I started drinking a lot of soda. Diet soda, of course, and caffeine-free. The aspartame was screwing up my kidneys, I think, and finally I decided to only drink water and decaf coffee. It took about a week, but I felt so much better not having the aspartame. Now I don’t touch the stuff.

I noticed that, the more water I drank, the lower my blood pressure went. I felt like I had unlocked the secret to the universe. I don’t drink enough water now, but I drink decaf coffee all day. I really need to drink more water. I’m just afraid it’ll keep me up all night going to the bathroom, although with the lymphatic drainage, I notice I don’t as much. I think during the day all the liquid I drank would settle in my leg, then at night when I was lying down it would run through my system and I’d end up going to the bathroom a lot. Not a good thing.



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10 thoughts on “Liquid Refreshment #socs

    1. I never really got into drinking tea, except at Chinese restaurants, and never cared much for the herbals. Decaf is my hot drink of choice, and I find I don’t miss the caffeine any more. In fact, I think I’d feel like my heart was racing now…

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  1. I find that it’s what your body gets used to. If I drink a lot of water occasionally, like once every few days, it accumulates. But if I get into the habit for a week and keep it consistent, I go back to normal and it flushes through immediately. I think it’s my body learning to know what’s coming, you know?


    1. I agree. If you’re conscious that you’re going to be drinking more water, the brain sends messages to the affected areas (kidneys and bladder, and also the colon).

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  2. I drink far more water than I used to, but still I probably don’t drink as much as I should. I’ve been cutting back on the caffeine since my stent was put in a couple weeks ago. I won’t say I’ll cut back on alcohol, though I hardly ever drink it anymore.

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  3. Good for you for getting off those aspartame drinks…they are bad. Aspartame and MSG chemicals do harm, and they sneak it in other things, so I read labels a lot.


  4. I appreciate your honesty here, especially about reaching your limits. I have to be careful of caffeine as well. If I drank an energy drink, it might well kill me. I get migraines from fake sweeteners. The modern world is delicious, but not in our best interest.


  5. A very honest and thought-provoking post, John. I’ve never drunk Red Bull – I’ve heard some bad things about it and seen some of friends much the worse for it – all that caffeine, amongst other things! Wishing you all the best.


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