#1LinerWeds from Fuzzy Memories

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One of my favorite places on the Internet is The Museum of Classic Chicago Television, run by my friend Rick Klein. He takes off-the-air recordings people made on their VCRs and focuses on the commercial breaks (particularly the local commercials), bumpers, newscasts, Emergency Broadcast System tests, technical difficulty moments, signoffs and signons, test patterns and color bars… pretty much the stuff people aren’t interested in, and preserves them for posterity. Originally, he was posting these clips to YouTube, but ran into so many problems that he started his own website. He has since started posting some of the better stuff to YouTube again.

Today he posted this commercial from National Fashions, a now-defunct clothing store that was most active during the Disco Era.

I had seen this commercial a thousand times forty years ago (from whence this came), and seeing it again today and hearing their slogan (“buy it today, wear it tonight”) reminded me of something we used to say whenever it came on…

Buy it today…
Wear it tonight…
Return it tomorrow!

No doubt National Fashions dealt with a lot of that, which is probably why they went out of business.


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5 thoughts on “#1LinerWeds from Fuzzy Memories

  1. Dropping in on the Road Trip. Those 70’s! is all I can say. lol
    Stephanie Finnell
    @randallbychance from
    Katy Trail Creations
    Stephanies Stuff


  2. LOL, I had an aunt who did that very thing! Found a dress she wanted for a party, wore it and then returned it. I think the commercial would have gotten on my nerves though. Have a great Wednesday. How are you feeling?


    1. Doing well now… I got my Juxtalite leg wraps and we had a little difficulty getting them on. My therapist should have made us do it, instead of doing it for us, I think. There’s a video that shows how it’s done, and I think we’ll take a different approach tomorrow.


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