The First Week That Was Of The Second Half of 2016

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by General Mills Country Corn Flakes. They’re made from corn (and rice)!

You realize that the couple in Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” aren’t husband and wife, but Wood’s sister and his dentist, right? I used to have a tie with the happy couple printed at the bottom; it went missing after the first time I wore it. Not that I wear ties anymore, but I had some neat ones. I also had a tie with Toulouse-Lautrec’s “Aristide Bruant dans son Cabaret” printed on it (there were two or three “Aristide”s; this is the one with “AMBASSADEURS” at the top).

The Week That Was

Another musical week here at The Sound Of One Hand Typing, beginning with Monday’s Music Moves Me, where I shared a few songs by The Dave Clark Five. A couple of you mentioned you had never heard of them, which is understandable: they broke up in 1970 and Dave retired from music a couple of years later after screwing up his hand in a toboggan accident. If you’re a fan of oldies radio, you might have heard one or two of the songs. They were really popular around the same time The Beatles were.

Two For Tuesday featured songwriter/singer/piano player/mordant comic Randy Newman, continuing with the theme of songwriters whose work was performed by Three Dog Night. He’s best-known now for his soundtracks for Pixar movies. Try and listen to some of his early work; I linked to Sail Away in the post, which is my favorite album of his.

My One-Liner Wednesday post was prompted by a video I saw on Fuzzy Memories, a commercial from the late Seventies for a local clothing store that specialized in disco wear. It was the typical commercial you’d see a hundred times during the late movie and other shows that aired after eleven o’clock at night. I remembered seeing it enough times to add onto their slogan, and that was my one-liner. Poor Janet made the mistake of asking me how I was, and had to hear about my experiences with the Juxtalite leggings I started wearing on Tuesday.

Not content to bore just one person with stories of my recent medical misadventures, and needing something I could write fifteen lines about for the Writer’s Workshop assignment for Thursday, I provided far too much information on the garments that are now an integral part of my life (because they’re driving me up the wall). Joey, bless her, said she didn’t mind hearing all of that, because she might find herself in the same position and have to help someone put on similar garments. We’re getting better at getting them on and off, and I might try wearing them at night when I sleep… but you don’t want to hear about it. I might do an update at some point with the things I’ve learned, if there’s sufficient interest.

I fell back on my friends at Oldiesloon for The Friday Five, this time doing the top five songs in Chicago during this week in 1976, the Bicentennial year. #5 that week was “Rock & Roll Love Letter” by the Bay City Rollers, those “tartan teen sensations from Edinburgh,” which I had to admit I didn’t remember (or chose to forget, most likely), but Wendy remembered and said it “piqued her interest.” She had similar difficulty remembering the #1 song, “Shop Around” by The Captain and Tennille, until she heard it.

That might be the reason I feature Top 40 surveys from the Sixties and Seventies so frequently: to remind myself (and y’all) of some of the songs that were on the radio back in the day. I’m a big fan of the history of broadcasting, particularly from the days when I was too young to care much about it.

Friday was also the first of the month, and my Battle of the Bands is Dr. John versus Natasha England on the song “Iko Iko.” I’ll announce the winner this coming Saturday, July 9, a day later because of the holidays (Canada Day on the first, Indepenence Day tomorrow). It started out with Dr. John getting all the votes (some people admitted it was “because, you know, Dr. John!”), but Natasha has turned things around nicely. Anyway, stop by, listen to the contestants, and cast your vote. You’ll be glad you did.

Finally, for Stream of Consciousness Saturday yesterday, the prompt was “long.” I talked about how time seemed to move at a snail’s pace when we were kids (especially when it came to waiting out on of my mother’s “in a little while”s, particular when we were waiting for her to get her act together so we could leave on vacation), while now it seems to fly past. Joey said that the theory I presented about time seeming to move slower when you’re younger seemed to have some validity. Time is a weird concept; as Einstein said, it was invented to prevent everything from happening at once. Really, though, in the grand scheme of the Universe, time is irrelevant. It only means something to us, who are so focused on it that we ignore completely that we’re spiraling through space chasing after a huge ball of hot gases as it goes spiraling around the galaxy. That’s weird; I really should write some of this stuff down…

Anyway, wanted to talk about a couple of things that are going on right now. First is a blog party that I’ve heard about from a few of you, most notably Jacqueline over at a cooking pot and twisted tales, that sounds like a lot of fun and an opportunity to meet and greet some other bloggers. I’ll probably stop in either later today or tomorrow. I’ve already met one new blogger, Eugenia at BrewNSpew, who as it so happens lives very close to me. It’s a small world after all…

The other is Jacob over at That’s So Jacob recently completed a project where he chose six blogs at random and examined the people who followed it, then figured out who followed those blogs, and drew an entire “family tree” of how he found each blog. He had some specific ways he did this, and I recommend you go see his page and read all about it. There’s pictures and everything.

And that’s it for The Week That Was for this week. Happy Indepenence Day to all my fellow countrymen, Happy Canada Day to all my friends in Canada who are also enjoying a long weekend, and to the rest of you just because you’re you. I have vague ideas about what I’m going to do, so you can expect just about anything. Have a good week, and I hope to see you soon.

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    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I think General Mills was trying to outdo Kellogg’s, whose commercials for Corn Flakes featured Homer & Jethro. And really, compared to the commercials we get now, it’s a welcome change, I think.

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  1. John, my man – I’ve seen bloggers dip a toe into one or two things a week, but you’ve taken it to a new level. I love also the tone of your posts. It feels as if you and I are at the pub for fish and chips, without another appointment all day to worry about.


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