Time won’t give me time, and time makes lovers feel like they’ve got something real #socs

A second. It’s the basic unit of time. Sure, you can split it up, but you have to have something to split, right?

Sixty seconds is a minute; sixty minutes is an hour; 24 hours is a day; 365 days is a year (actually, 365.2425 days is a year, but let’s keep this simple); a hundred years is a century. I’ll leave it to you to get your calculators (or slide rules, or pencil and paper, I don’t care) out and figure out how many seconds there are in a century.

Light travels 300,000,000 meters in a second. That’s about 186,000 miles in a second, if you’re talking about in a vacuum (which outer space is).

But, when you think about it, time is something contrived. Einstein said they invented time so that everything wouldn’t happen at once.

Animals have no concept of time. My cat Minnie in particular. Mary opens cans of food for the bunch at 1:00 PM. Around 12:30, Minnie starts nagging Mary to feed her. Mary tells her “it’s not one o’clock yet!” Doesn’t stop Minnie from nagging. If Mary makes the mistake of getting up and going into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, Minnie chases after her, and the rest of them follow her.

We always play with time. Daylight Saving Time, the bane of circadian rhythms, starts in March and ends in November. We “lose” an hour of sleep because the clocks are set forward one hour. We don’t actually lose it, we just call it something else, e.g. when it’s 2:00, we call it 3:00. Say you’re accustomed to going to bed at 11:00 PM and getting up at 7:00 AM. When Daylight Saving Time arrives at 1:00 AM, the clocks jump an hour and it becomes 2:00 AM. So if you wake up at 7:00, it’s actually 6:00 AM where your body is concerned.

Do you have a headache yet?

I’d go on, but my three hundred seconds is up…


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9 thoughts on “Time won’t give me time, and time makes lovers feel like they’ve got something real #socs

  1. What a timely post! In California, there is a bill going through the houses now to do away with the dreaded Daylight Savings Time hour. “Studies” have proven that it really has no benefit for “farmers” and that it is seriously affecting the “old people” who can’t get their body rhythm back for a whole week and it is supposed to cause more accidents. Leave it to California to have a debate about such pressing issues. Me, I like the “extra hour.” Happy Sunday!


  2. Hi John – time … I’ve always wanted to write about it – I might get there one day … but it is one complicated subject. Losing that hour or gaining it – that’s the good side! The maths horrifies me … and we get information from out in space that takes 40 years to get here … maybe we will get information in 40 years … who knows – I suspect that I won’t be around … but could be just … but I’m not starting my countdown now! – cheers Hilary


  3. I’m not entirely certain my cats lack a concept of time. They wake me up at the same time every morning; it’s eerie, and I almost wonder if I don’t need my alarm clock anymore because it’s always one minute before it goes off.

    Although, yes, if their food dish is empty, it’s usually well before the alarm.


  4. Too much math to think about, but I can sure relate to the cats knowing exactly what time it is. They are right on time at the usual feeding times, and yes, they start in a little before, with their nagging! šŸ™‚


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