Two for Tuesday: Dave Loggins

Dave Loggins, the cousin of Kenny, is a singer-songwriter and a one-hit wonder, having taken his “Please Come To Boston” to #5 in 1974 for his only song to crack the Top 40. Three Dog Night had better luck with two of his compositions, “Pieces Of April” (#9 in 1972) and “‘Til The World Ends” (#32 in 1975). He’s also writtn songs for Tanya Tucker, Wynonna Judd, Reba McEntire, and Toby Keith, among others, and wrote “Morning Desire” for Kenny Loggins and “You Make Me Want To Make You Mine” for Juice Newton, which both reached #1 on the Country & Western Chart. Additionally, he wrote and recorded “Nobody Loves Me Like You Do” with Anne Murray, which reached #1 on the US and Canadian Country charts in 1984, for which he and Anne were named Vocal Duo of the Year by the CMA in 1985. He also wrote the theme music for the Masters golf tournament, which you can hear on TV broadcasts of the event.

Dave recorded “Pieces Of April” in 1972 and re-recorded it with a different arrangement in 1979. This is the 1979 version.

Here he is with Anne Murray doing “Nobody Loves Me Like You Do.”

Acxcording to the website “Whatever Happened To…?” Dave is still a successful country songwriter. According to commenter John O’Regan on the site, “BGO Records in the UK will release his 3 Epic albums in a 2on 1 cd set this month.” The comment was left in 2013, and the album is listed on their site, if you’re interested.

Dave Loggins, your Two for Tuesday, July 26, 2016.

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  1. I really liked Pieces of April by Three Dog Night. It’s weird, 1972, I was mostly listening to hard rock, but there was something about that song that got to me.


    1. There was so much variety in music during the Seventies it was hard not to find yourself liking music you didn’t usually care for. I always thought Barry Manilow was pretty good, myself.

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