The Excitement of Indexing #socs

Daily blogging has its advantages and comes with a certain number of unique problems, particularly with a blog like mine. It doesn’t help that I have a memory like a sieve, and that occasionally it tells me I’ve written about something when really I haven’t, or vice versa.

So, I’m working on a new project: an index for my blog. I know it sounds like a lot of extra work, but in the long run I think it will help me and maybe suggest areas for future blog entries. I’ve already done this for my Two for Tuesday entries, and while I don’t always remember to update it, it’s really helped me, and I hope you’ve been getting some use out of it.

So, my next project will be indexing the Battles of the Bands. I’m not sure where to go after that, whether to work on the Friday Fives, Monday’s Music Moves Me, my A to Z Challenges, or the videos I’ve used on the site. That last one would be a lot of work, I know, but I think sometimes you might be getting tired of the same ones all the time. Either that, or I’m extrapolating my own feelings.

I’m also wondering how far to go back. The blog was pretty awful when I started back in 2012, and it really wasn’t until July 2014 that I really started taking this blog thing seriously. Part of me says don’t bother with the early stuff, another says it’s a part of history, good or bad.

I would be extremely grateful for any suggestions…


Linda Hill does an exemplary job of hosting Stream of Consciousness Saturday every week, especially in coming up with the prompts, laying down the rules, and collecting the pingbacks to everyone doing this challenge. An example of all of this can be found here.

9 thoughts on “The Excitement of Indexing #socs

  1. Wow, you have a project on your hand. I am working through my old posts and re-work them and publish them again. Even though some are awful it’s still part of our blogging journey and as Janet said: there are new followers so the “old” stuff is new to us. Maybe it’s not as awful as you think 🙂

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    1. I’m not sure I want people reading the old stuff. :0 I’ve changed so much as a writer and blogger, it’s like a different person was writing at the time. I fancied myself a fiction writer at the time, then I realized, I don’t even like reading fiction as much as I used to.

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    1. That’s a thought. That’s pretty much what I’ll have if I finish indexing the one I mention. Most of my favorites are from the A to Z Challenge, so maybe that’ll be the next one.


  2. You have some new followers, so the old stuff is new to us 🙂 I have often thought that I should keep track of what I’m blogging about, but it’s a lot easier for me since I don’t do it on a daily basis. Your idea of going category by category is a good one. I’ve started an inventory book of my scrapbooking supplies and believe me, it’s time consuming but well worth the effort! Have fun going back in time. Treat it as an adventure!


  3. I am slowly reaching back to some early entries and editing/rewriting them and re-releasing them into the wild. Some were based on good stories. Maybe that would work for you.


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