A Housebound Week That Was

Here’s Edie Adams for Muriel cigars. Why don’t you pick one up and smoke it sometime?

Edie Adams was the widow of Ernie Kovacs when this commercial was made. He had died earlier that year in a car accident. At least I think it was made before his death. Whatever the case, Ernie Kovacs was one of the true geniuses of television. And he had a beautiful and talented wife. Ernie’s constant battles with the IRS forced him to make money however he can, and I think that extended to Edie.

The Week That Was

I’m coming to you from home this week, as we’re having work done on the house, specifically having the stairs and the landing on the front of the house replaced. Those are the stairs I use to get in and out of the house, so as you can imagine it’s pretty important. My Internet connection has been in and out the last few days (currently it’s out); I’m thinking I might try one of the other cable connections in the house and see if it’s any more stable. At the very least, putting the modem/router in the living room would mean I wouldn’t have to run up the stairs to reset the modem. The tricky part is keeping the cats away from it.

I’ll announce the winner of my latest Battle of the Bands tomorrow, so if you haven’t voted, you have about twelve more hours or so. The song is Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” the contestants are The White Stripes and Strawberry Switchblade.

Also, I designed a new badge for Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Linda Hill will be putting the contestants up for a vote this Thursday, with the winner announced Friday when she announces the prompt for next Saturday. I don’t know if you have to be a participant in SoCS to vote, but if you aren’t a participant, why not join us? It’s oodles of fun and it brings traffic to your site.

Speaking of SoCS, the prompt for yesterday was “ex,” which could be used as a prefix, suffix, or somewhere in the middle. I chose the occasion to announce that I plan on indexing my Battle of the Bands, Friday Five, and Monday’s Music Moves Me entries in the near future. I’m doing it as much for me as for my readers. Many people wonder why I just don’t rework some of my early entries and repost them. The answer, of course, is that they aren’t especially good. Many of them were written at a time I thought of myself as a fiction writer and that my intention of keeping the blog was to announce all the great things I was doing. Turns out I spent more time talking about them then actually doing them, and I received at least one complaint that my entries sounded “whiny.” And, looking back at them, they did. I’ve since put the nightmare dream of being a fiction writer behind me and am writing memoir and being an Internet disk jockey. It’s tons more fun, and I’m not writing about politics — just yet.

The Friday Five featured songs with the word “moon” in the title, after which I asked for suggestions. I have enough for two and maybe three additional Friday Fives, so keep them coming and we’ll go for four. “Moon” is an especially popular word to use in titles. But that’s okay. I’m tempted to do one big ol’ entry with all of them. Maybe a playlist…?

Mama Kat asked about what I’m watching lately (at least, that’s the prompt I chose), so I talked about all the vintage TV we’ve been watching of late. From the comments I got, it sounds like a lot of people are kind of TV’ed out. There’s no such thing as “Must See TV” anymore; a lot of it is online or on demand, and it gets repeated so often that it’s almost impossible not to run into the shows sometime, particularly if you have cable. Even if you don’t, Saturday night has become the time networks repeat some of their shows when they don’t have anything else to show (and it’s also where they’ve stuck all the news magazine shows, which are more and more “true crime” stories). And if you’re older than 45, it isn’t as though the networks take you into consideration anyway. Rotten kids…

One-Liner Wednesday featured one of the graphics by the immensely-talented Jessica Edouard, who publishes them on her website every day. She does it to spread positive energy and squelch negativity, of which we have more than a little these days. Be sure and check her blog out!

Speaking of immensely-talented, Two for Tuesday featured John Hiatt, a singer and songwriter who wrote “Sure As I’m Sitting Here,” which Three Dog Night covered in the mid-Seventies. He’s been kind of out of sight recently, but is planning a big acoustic tour this fall and winter. Mollie was happy I featured him, because he’s been one of her favorites “for YEARS.”

Monday’s Music Moves Me was yet another “freebie,” so I featured the Top Five from KHJ in Los Angeles on August 1, 1972. A few of you said they knew a couple of the tunes but hadn’t heard all of them, while some of the rest of you were very familiar with all of them. That’s why I do this…

And that about wraps up this edition of The Week That Was. Tomorrow’s M4 is “songs with weather conditions in the title,” so be sure and be here for that one. I think we’ve done just about all the songwriters whose songs have been covered by Three Dog Night, so I’ll come up with a new theme that we’ll start Tuesday. (I’ve been thinking “chanteuses,” e.g. Connie Francis, Peggy Lee, June Christy, Julie London, Lesley Gore, etc.) Thanks for reading, and we’ll talk to you soon!