A Thursday Ten/Writer’s Workshop Mashup: Some Favorite Instagram Accounts

So today Mama Kat asks us to sample a few of our favorite Instagram accounts. It’s Thursday, so ten oughta do it, right?


Tommy Emmanuel, C. G. P. “C. G. P.” stands for “Certified Guitar Player,” and it’s an honor Chet Atkins created (as a joke, really) and bestowed upon some of his favorite guitar players. That Tommy was one of them should tell you something, and if that doesn’t, the clip below will.

Chicago’s Extinct Businesses Those of us who grew up in Chicago, as with any big city, remember certain businesses that were once there that have long since disappered. Pete Kastanes finds pictures, ads, matchbook covers, and other memorabilia from those places and posts them to his account. He’s also active on Facebook.

Robert Crais is the author of the Elvis Cole, Joe Pike, and other books which I really enjoy. He’s pretty active on Instagram, and will share book covers, ads, pictures from book signings, and just pictures from his crazy life.

Oedipus The Cat I follow a lot of cats because I like cats. One of them is Oedipus, a Cornish Rex with plenty of personality.

Loyola Quinlan I am an alumnus of Loyola University Chicago’s School of Business (BBA in Operations Management, 1978) and like to keep up with what’s going on there.

O’Charley’s is a restaurant chain found primarily in the Southeastern US, though I think they’re trying to spread nationwide. We have one nearby and like to have lunch there about once a week. They have good food and great pie.

Crosswalk All-Stars An account dedicated to pictures of people in downtown crosswalks, primarily in Chicago and New York, both of which have lots of them.

Daily Facts – Now You Know Daily An account dedicated to image quotes about things you might not have known.

The Cooper Review is the brainchild of Sarah Cooper, a business website offering office humor and tech culture. She has some hilarious things on there.

Yvette Young is a very talented young woman who plays the guitar beautifully and composes beautiful tunes. Just watch her fingers.

There are so many more accounts I follow that are similar to these, but you get the idea. That’s Writer’s Workshop and The Thursday Ten for August 18, 2016.

8 thoughts on “A Thursday Ten/Writer’s Workshop Mashup: Some Favorite Instagram Accounts

    1. I forgot how I found her, but she plays beautifully, and looks beautiful doing it. And there are plenty of cat accounts out there, and I’ve found lots of them: Grumpy Cat (of course), Cole and Marmalade (two cats, a solid black and an orange tabby), Maru and Hana (two cats from Japan that have following on YouTube as well), Waffles, and so many others. There’s an account called Cats of Instagram that would be a good place to start…


    1. A lot of mine (besides the ones here) are people who I follow on Facebook or other bloggers. I don’t typically have a lot of photographs, so I haven’t posted anything out there.

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