The Pre-Labo(u)r Day Week That Was

Here’s Roy Rogers for Post Sugar Crisp cereal…

I think the Kellogg’s version of this was Sugar Smacks. Anyone remember?

The Week That Was

So, here we are at the end of summer (for all intents and purposes), and the weather here is actually acting like it’s early autumn. Summer returns later this week, so we’re enjoying it while we can.

I’ll be announcing the results of “Battle ‘September Song’: Jimmy Durante vs. The Platters” on Thursday, so be sure and vote.

I used Monday’s Music Moves Me to showcase your inspirational songs. Well, not all of them: I built a playlist with all of them and chose five for the post. You have good taste, based on the comments I received, so thanks again.

Dionne Warwick was the featured artist on Two for Tuesday. Dionne’s one of those singers that everyone likes, I think. Incidentally, her real last name was Warrick, but someone misspelled it and she said, “Hey! I like that!” and made it her professional name. For a while, she spelled it “Warwicke” because famed astrologer Linda Goodman said it would bring better luck. Reading her biography on Wikipedia, it looks like Dionne could use all the good luck she can get.

Wednesday’s One-Liner was from Marshall McLuhan’s Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, which is just as apt today as it was fifty years ago, maybe even apt-er. (It’s a word now.) I had read about a quarter of it last year and highlighted a whole bunch of passages, which the Kindle elves have stored for me. They’ll help when I get back to reading it, which I plan to do after I finish reading Andy Leeks’s As They Slept books, which I recommend highly, as they’re hilarious, even if I don’t get all the cultural references. McLuhan’s book is a scholarly work that doesn’t make for a good beach read (although I don’t go to the beach), and requires a certain amount of concentration to get through, not exactly my forté.

Also on Wednesday, I noticed as I was going through the blogs I read and making comments that many were being chucked into the spam bucket by Akismet, the spam filter for WordPress. It seems to be working better now, but still, if you’re on WordPress, check your spam comments, because Akismet is acting up. Also, if you use comment moderation, it’s usually a good idea to let people know you are. Both WordPress and Blogger give you the ability, but don’t always let people know.

For Thursday’s Writer’s Workshop, the prompt I chose was to write a post in thirteen lines (sentences), so I babbled on about summer and how much shorter it is for kids nowadays. In the past, school started the Wednesday after Labor Day here in the US, but since then some schools (like the ones near me) started a month ago. Angie made the comment that schools are trying to make sure the kids don’t forget everything they learned the year before, but that all the pressure on students and teachers to “test well” almost demands they have some period during the year to decompress, enjoy life, and spend time with friends. We never had kids, but I think if I did, I’d want to know why the kids lost a month of summer vacation. I’m sure it has lots to do with the perceived notion that the US is “falling behind” in educating children, because they don’t perform as well as kids in other nations on standardized tests. Obviously, the answer is to put tremendous pressure on kids between 7 and 18 to do well on standardized tests so we don’t look stupid to the rest of the world, which, ironically, makes us look stupid to the rest of the world. But it makes the people who market standardized tests to schools and who produce test preparation materials very happy.

If my mother (who was a teacher for 37 years) were alive today, she’d be spinning in her grave. Anyway…

We caught some of the fury of Tropical Storm/Hurricane Hermine Thursday night, which dumped lots of rain on us, which made me think that it was time to add songs to my “Rain Songs” playlist for The Friday Five, which then became The Friday Ten. Check out the whole list and see if your favorite rain songs are there, and if the aren’t, leave me a comment. I’ll get back to rain at some time in the future. There are a lot of rain songs, many more than the thirty I have on my list, so have at it. Just remember, the word “rain” must appear in the title of the song.

My Stream of Consciousness Saturday was a big mea culpa for falling behind on answering comments and for accumulating copious amounts of blog posts in Inoreader and Pocket that I hadn’t read yet. When I finished writing the entry, I deleted all the accumulated posts and am starting over, hopefully never allowing it to happen again. My brother Kip over on Facebook said “You worry too much,” which is probably true, but a couple of you said you had trouble with the same thing. Debbie said “The social aspects of blogging can sometimes get overwhelming,” and believe me, I know it.

And that’s my week in review. This week, school songs tomorrow, another chanteuse on Tuesday, a one-liner, and maybe this week I’ll get back to doing TV themes. Thanks for reading!