Two For Tuesday: Cher

Cherilyn Sarkisian, better known as Cher, has had a career spanning five decades and won a Grammy, an Emmy, an Academy Award, three Golden Globes, and a host of other awards for her work as a singer and actress. She and former husband Sonny Bono had a few hits in the Sixties and hosted their own variety show in the Seventies (the heyday of the variety shows) before they split, after which her career caught fire. (And more than a few of us guys sat up and took notice when she appeared on the cover of TIME magazine in 1975.)

Cher’s first hit was “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down).” It reached #2 in the US in 1966. It was written by Sonny and she’s backed by The Wrecking Crew.

She had three huge hits in the early Seventies, 1971’s “Gypsys, Tramps And Thieves,” 1973’s “Half Breed,” and 1974’s “Dark Lady.” All three reached #1 in the US. Here’s “Dark Lady,” title track from her 1974 album.

She’s still recording: her most-recent album, 2013’s dance-oriented Closer To The Truth reached #3 and has produced four singles, “Woman’s World,” which reached #1 on the Dance chart, “Take It Like A Man,” and “I Walk alone,” both of which reached #2 on the dance chart. Her most recent film appearance was 2010’s Burlesque, with Christina Aguilera. Her website leads to her Twitter and Facebook presences.

Cher, your Two for Tuesday, September 13, 2016.

12 thoughts on “Two For Tuesday: Cher

  1. I liked the fun Sonny and Cher variety show as well as the movies, “Moonstruck” and “Silkwood.” I think her voice can not be reproduced nor her songs “covered” by another singer and sound “right.” 🙂


  2. We were able to see her in concert a few years ago. What a stage presentation! She must have changed costumes after every two song and the set was more like a circus show. She still has a great figure (as noted on the Time cover – LOL), and she joked that she could still fit into her outfits. Her voice was still strong as well. She sang “I Got You Babe” with pictures of Sonny in the background and it was kinda chilling. Cindy Lauper opened for her. She was pretty funny.


    1. With Cher, as with many super-performers, the costume changes are as much of the show as the music. She still sounds great, and it’s edifying to know she remembers Sonny in her shows. It’s doubtful we’d still be talking about her were it not for his efforts.

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