A Bizarre Bus Ride


Talking about buses the other day reminded Mary of a bus trip she took when we lived in Chicago. It’s one of our favorite stories.

One day, Mary got on the bus to go downtown, and saw a man sitting on one of the front seats beside a pile of newspapers. “Don’t touch my newspapers! Those are my newspapers!”

She thought, “okayyyy,” and found a seat a safe distance away from him.

She watched him, and noticed that he’d pick up his stack of newspapers and move with them to an empty seat before every stop along the way, and when a new crowd of people got on the bus, he’d repeat, “Don’t touch my newspapers! Those are my newspapers!” It was a fairly long ride downtown, and soon everyone on the bus was watching him as this drama unfolded.

Finally, at one of the stops in the Loop, the man gets up and gets off the bus.


Leaving his newspapers on one of the seats.

As Mary (and probably everyone else on the bus) was thinking it, a woman said, “Hey! He forgot his newspapers!”

7 thoughts on “A Bizarre Bus Ride

  1. Maybe he was doing a social experiment of some kind. Did your wife look for hidden cameras?

    In the big city I’m sure one sees some really strange characters. I used to see an odd array on my 20 mile or so trip from my Tennessee home in Maryville to the University of Tennessee in Knoxille. A lot of them were regulars. Somebody should do a TV comedy based on regular bus riders. It could be like Cheers gone mobile.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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