The October 2 Week That Was

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I always preferred Burger King to McDonald’s, because you didn’t have to wait if you wanted a burger without condiments. The whole “Have It Your Way” thing and all that…

The Week That Was

Been an interesting week at my end. I got the shingles vaccine, because we had a friend who had shingles and she was miserable, and I don’t want that. I switched to the Opera browser, because Chrome was up to its old memory-hogging ways (especially on Linux). So far, so good. And, I upgraded to Mac OS Sierra yesterday, amid all sorts of complaints that it makes wi-fi really slow and might crash in the middle, but so far, so good. Speaking of wi-fi, it’s been stable since the weather got cooler. Could one have something to do with the other, or is it just a coincidence?

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A freebie week, so I shared some music by the lovely Yvette Young, who is an amazing guitar player. I’m glad many of you thought so as well.


Julie London was the featured artist this week, leading many to reminisce about her role as Dixie McCall, RN on the Jack Webb-produced Emergency!. Arlee said he never watched the show, but was a fan of Julie’s music for years. Dan admitted he never realized any of the actors on the show did more than just act. If you are interested, there’s a lot of Julie’s material, both with and without Bobby Troup, on YouTube.


I recounted one of Mary’s favorite stories, about riding downtown with a man who was very protective of the newspapers he was carrying, at least until he arrived at his stop. Arlee thinks it might have been a Candid Camera sketch or some sort of sociological experiment. He also suggested that the story might be a good springboard for a TV series, although I don’t know that anyone would be interested, because most people immerse themselves in their electronic devices and don’t interact like they did in the olden days. Dan suggested the papers might have been going to a different stop.


My one-liner was taken from the old Dick Tracy Show cartoons. I watched them faithfully every day until they were taken off the air by WGN, which left me inconsolably devastated, even though Mom “called WGN” and told me they told her the show was just being taken off for the summer. A week later, I had forgotten the show entirely, and can’t remember whether or not it came back. Joey agreed with me that I was a cute little bastard. Meanwhile, Uncle Jack mentioned that he had seen Rachel Maddow, who told the story of being thrown out of CCD classes for wearing a t-shirt that read “Jesus Is Coming – Look Busy.” (CCD is the old name for religious education given to Catholic students at public schools. CCD stand for “Confraternity of Christan Doctrine,” although many kids who took CCD classes referred to it “Catholic Children’s Dungeon.”)

Speaking of Joey, I thought her One-Liner Wednesday entry was so funny, I had to reblog it.

I went all philosophical and stream-of-consciousness in my Thursday entry, something I do a lot of lately in Real Life©. It was suggested by a video I saw recently (that I think everyone should watch, because it’s really thought-provoking) that most of what happens in our lives is due to some higher existence playing with us as though we’re part of a video game. I think it’s more like the end of St. Elsewhere, where it’s revealed in the final episode that the whole thing was produced by the deep thoughts of an autistic boy. Kimberly said that thinking about all the little things she did in life and how things would be different if she had taken another path would have changed her life. I think a lot of us play the “If I knew then what I know now” game, and it’s probably a good thing that we can’t go back and change things.

Had the idea of going out to Wikipedia and finding five artists who had a birthday on September 30, and used that as my theme. Arlee said that Basia, who was one of the birthday girls, was always one of her favorites. Mine, too.


My latest battle is between Barbra Streisand and Dusty Springfield, the song being “What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?” I’ll announce the winner this coming Saturday. Right now, Barbra is wiping up the floor with Dusty.


The aforementioned Joey was guest-host for Linda, who’s traveling or something, and she came up with the prompt “awkward.” This led to several war stories about my days as a software trainer (when jokes would go over like a lead balloon) and software installer (when users and big shots would want to be there to watch the product being “demoed,” i.e. the product test I would perform to make sure the software was installed properly and didn’t do weird things in their environment). Dan said he adopted the “no live demos” mantra, due to observers being distracted by something on a screen, which they then absolutely had to see demonstrated (and which invariably screwed things up). Joey said she thinks I might be like her, where jokes usually work best when they’re at our expense, while Jacqueline wondered how stand-up comics manage to keep people laughing for as long as they do. I think the answer to that is “lots and lots and lots of failure.”

Next Week…

I’ll have a Question of the Month entry tomorrow and will be announcing the winner of my latest Battle of the Bands on Saturday. Other than that, the usual stuff…

That’s The Week That Was for the first Sunday in October. See you soon!

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