#1LinerWeds from NBC 10 Philadelphia

“Not only is it dangerous, it’s insane,” said Al Walton Jr., a bicyclist. “And without a helmet.”

Evidently, this past Sunday some guy pedaling a “big wheel” down Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia had traffic tied up pretty badly. So, naturally, what does someone do? Does he call the police and have them come after the guy, who’s probably breaking half a dozen traffic laws? Of course not… he takes out his smartphone and records the whole thing for posterity, then sends the video to one of the local TV stations, who can then send one of their junior reporters out on the street to stop pedestrians and ask them what they thought about it. Must have been a slow news day.

I was disappointed when I read and heard this story, because when they said he was riding a “big wheel” I thought it was one of these…


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9 thoughts on “#1LinerWeds from NBC 10 Philadelphia

  1. Good Gravy! That man should be happy to have lived through that! I agree, a Big Wheel to me is the video you included. I loved my Big Wheel 🙂


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