Very Little About Screens #socs


I hear “screen,” I think TV. I spent many hours glued to the TV screen when I was in grammar school, watching whatever came on, just because I thought it was fascinating. And I still got good grades and turned out relatively normal.

But I’ve told you that already. I’d be repeating myself, and I do enough of that already. I think sometimes I repeat things just to remind myself about them. It worries me, but then, it’s normal at sixty to start forgetting things. Isn’t it?


As I said a while back, jotting things down in Evernote would certainly help, except, knowing me, I’d forget to go to Evernote and check them. And that won’t do. It’s just that I have such a jumble of stuff in there, I’d get lost looking for it.

Still, that’s no reason not to do it. For a while, I was writing myself notes at the end of each day to remind myself of what I did and what other significant things happened during the day. Not a journal so much as a diary. No deep thoughts, just notes on the significant things that happened that day to me, Mary, the cats, and the world in general. I stopped doing it because I tried too hard to structure what I wrote there. I think it needs to be more of a bullet journal, just bullet points on what happened during the day and what I need to remember.

Not actually a bullet journal, which look too much like a kid’s art project. Okay, that’s not fair. Some of them do, but not all of them. But they are a good way to remember stuff.

I have that problem sometimes, where I fret so much over form that I forget the function. Maybe let the form evolve as I use it. But use it. I can work out the picky details later.

I’ve really wandered off the “screen” reservation, haven’t I? And no, that’s not intended to insult anyone.


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7 thoughts on “Very Little About Screens #socs

    1. Eventually, I have to get in there and clean it up. There’s a whole boatload of stuff I moved over from Springpad and put in a notebook without knowing what’s there. There could be some good ideas that I’m not taking advantage of, or just a lot of crap that’s just getting in the way…

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  1. Maybe a Stream of Consciousness journal would do? Our subconscious has a tendency to come up with the important stuff without us doing anything 🙂


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