Monday’s Music Moves Me: Five Songs By “Ugly” Artists

This is going to take some explanation. It all started with a picture floating around Facebook. Maybe you’ve seen it.


Anyway, I posted this, and my brother Kip said, “that should be a Friday Five: great songs by ugly artists!” Rather than doing a Friday Five, I thought I’d do it today for M4.

I don’t consider any of these artists ugly. I like, even love, their music, and would rather see them in concert than anyone making popular music today. The suits that control the popular music industry today would likely disagree; to paraphrase H. L. Mencken, they’re the kind of people who believe that, since a rose smells better than a cabbage, it makes better soup. Anyway, on to the songs.

Never Be The Same – Christopher Cross The classic example of an artist whose career was ruined by MTV. His 1979 eponymous debut album went five times platinum and earned him five Grammy awards. MTV didn’t like his looks nor did they like his kind of Adult Contemporary. He continues to perform and record, but his albums haven’t been on the charts in some time. This went to #15 on the Hot 100 and #1 on the Adult Contemporary chart in 1980.

Downtown Train – Tom Waits He’s not a very good singer, and his looks aren’t likely to have the girls screaming for him, but he’s a pretty remarkable songwriter and musician whose songs have been covered by the likes of The Eagles and Rod Stewart, who covered this song. This is from his 1985 album Rain Dogs.

Constant Craving – k. d. lang I’m not sure k. d. belongs on this list, because I think she’s quite striking, but I doubt she’s what the producers of today are looking for. Besides, I wanted to make an excuse to play this song, from her 1992 album Ingenue. It reached #38 on the Hot 100 and #2 on the adult contemporary chart in 1992, and actually received the Best Female Video award from MTV the following year. I don’t think she’d do as well today.

With A Little Help From My Friends – Joe Cocker The late Joe Cocker wasn’t much in either the looks or voice category, but was a magnificent interpreter of songs. In this clip from Woodstock, he sings a song first sung by another “ugly” artist, Ringo Starr.

Frosty The Snowman – Leon Redbone and Dr. John Yes, it’s a Christmas song, and no, I don’t care. From Leon’s 1987 album Christmas Island, sung by a couple of old and not especially attractive guys.

What songs would you add to this list? Are there any you’d take off? Let me know in the comments.

That’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for October 24, 2016.

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30 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me: Five Songs By “Ugly” Artists

    1. No, she isn’t ugly, but you probably won’t see her on MTV, either. I remember the song; I think I featured it in one of my radio survey posts.


    1. Tom’s a great singer and guitar player who has written some excellent songs, was a member of the Traveling Wilburys, and backed Dylan in the Eighties. That’s good enough for me.


  1. Ugly is kinda harsh, but I wouldn’t want to have to look at ZZ Top for too long. And, then there’s Keith Moon who is a bit creepy looking.


    1. Keith Moon made looking creepy an art form. Hell of a drummer, though, so who cares? And ZZ Top have an image to maintain, and make some incredible music, so, again, who cares?

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  2. Such a good list! I love Lang’s Ingenue. Like, still, now, listen to it quite a bit. Love her version of Hallelujah, as well.


    1. That’s my whole point. Just because they don’t fit a music executive’s definition of attractive is no reason people can’t enjoy their music. And I’m not saying there aren’t attractive people who are good musicians, either. But you probably know that…


  3. No one is ugly… come on now. Somebody loves them and somebody thinks they’re very nice looking. Only a rotten ugly soul can be truly ugly. Lovin’ your tunes & hugs to you for bringin’ back some very loving memories that these tunes bring. hugs


  4. I could do without Tom Waits, or maybe it was just this song because I like the Rod Stewart version better. Joe Cocker looked like he was going to have an epileptic fit, although we saw him in concert just before he died and he was much calmer. Thanks for sharing these. Happy Monday.


    1. Joe calmed down a lot as he got older, and I think we’re all glad he did. I really didn’t appreciate Tom Waits until I saw him live (on TV). He’s quite funny and, as I said, writes some great songs. The Eagles did his “Ol’ 55” a few years back, and they’re hardly the only ones who have covered his music.

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    1. That’s just it. The executives who make the call on who gets promoted and who doesn’t have a specific image they’re looking for, and these are people who would likely get a thumbs-down because they don’t fit it. I could have chosen just about any band from the Seventies and they’d be passed over in favor of someone who looks like Justin Bieber or Beyonce.

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    1. So do I, and so do lots of people. As Frank Zappa (another “ugly” artist) said, some people wouldn’t know good music if it bit them in the [backside].


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