BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Happy Days Are Here Again” Results


Once again, thank you to Alana, who hosts the blog Ramblin’ with AM, for suggesting this would make a good Battle of the Bands, then allowing me to actually turn it into this battle. The song, of course, was “Happy Days Are Here Again,” and the contestants were Ben Selvin and The Crooners and Mitch Miller and his gang.

This was quite a horse race, with each contestant ahead at one point or another. Here are the results.

Ben Selvin and The Crooners: 9
Mitch Miller: 8

Birgit and Alana both said that Ben Selvin’s version conveyed the sense they were singing the song hoping that it would come true. Kind of like “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” which is anything but a merry little song. Kip said he voted for Mitch Miller because there were actually vocals in that one. I can understand the confusion: as with many songs done in that era, it begins with a lengthy instrumental, in this case a minute and twenty seconds, leaving one to wonder when they’re going to give the singers a chance.

I like both versions of this, the old-timey sound of Ben Selvin and the full chorus of the Mitch Miller Singers, and in the latter case, it’s fun thinking of Mitch Miller directing the chorus as they sing.


Congratulations to Ben Selvin, and kudos to Mitch Miller for making this a close one. Our next battle will be a week from Thursday, so be sure to join us then!

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