Two for Tuesday: Sarah Vaughan


I’ve told the story before, about seeing Sarah Vaughan with the Count Basie Orchestra on Valentine’s Day 1978, when Mary and I were a very young married couple (just over two weeks at that point). There were two men seated across from us at a long table right in front, one of whom was very excited to see Ms. Vaughan, and when she came out the guy practically jumped on the stage to say hello to her. By the end of the evening, we understood why. She had a magnificent voice (music critic Scott Yanow said it was one of the most wonderous voices of the 20th Century), and didn’t just sing the songs, she made you feel them.

She was the first to record the jazz standard “Tenderly,” and it unexpectedly became a hit for her in 1947.

Maybe because I remember it so clearly from that night, I always associate her with Errol Garner’s “Misty.” This recording from 1958 features her with the Quincy Jones Orchestra.

Sarah Vaughan, your Two for Tuesday, November 22, 2016.

Incidentally, this is post #1500. Thanks for hanging in there with me all this time.

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      1. Do you remember the creepy Clint Eastwood movie, “Play Misty For Me”? I have no point in mentioning this. Just thought of it while I was listening to the song.


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