A Quote from Dorothy Kilgallen #1LinerWeds


I just started reading Richard Shaw’s book The Reporter Who Knew Too Much, which probes the death of reporter/columnist/media icon/writer Dorothy Kilgallen and suggests she might have been murdered, rather than committed suicide or accidentally overdosed on alcohol and barbiturates. At the time of her death, she had interviewed Jack Ruby, the man who killed Lee Harvey Oswald, President Kennedy’s assassin, and might have learned who had been behind the assassination. When I finish the book, I’ll be sure to post a review.


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10 thoughts on “A Quote from Dorothy Kilgallen #1LinerWeds

  1. The mother load of all conspiracy theories – I’ll look forward to your review, John.

    I love that commercial. So much better than some smarmy family eating breakfast in their perfect house.


    1. I’m a third of the way through the book, and Shaw has done a good job of identifying the people who had an axe to grind with her. Now he’s getting into the coroner’s report and some of the inconsistencies there. I’ll be interested where it takes him.

      If you look at old cereal commercials, they rarely if ever showed everyone eating the cereal. Crazy, huh?

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    1. I’m about a third of the way through it, and so far it’s excellent. Right now I’m reading about the coroner’s report, and how, while the cause of death was pretty clear, the reason is still up in the air.

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  2. I will enjoy your review. My dad and my mom were convinced she was murdered. My dad said she was too sensible, like Barbara Walters and he said she knew too much. I read a bit about her and believe my dad.


    1. I don’t have my Kindle with me now, so I don’t know the name, but there was a fascinating book I saw recently that was all lists from various people. One of them was from Evelyn Lincoln (JFK’s secretary), and it was a list of all the people she thought might have assassinated (or had assassinated, I guess) JFK. There is a startling correlation between who might have killed JFK and who might have killed Miss Kilgallen. Obviously, there are differences, but the big ones (the CIA, FBI, and Mafia) are the same. I just got to halfway through the book, so it’ll be a few days.


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