The Friday Five: Songs With “Yellow” In The Title

Haven’t done a color post in a while, and as far as I can tell I haven’t done one for yellow, so here you go. As always, if I missed your favorite, leave me a comment and I’ll get it in next week’s post.

Mellow Yellow – Donovan The followup to “Sunshine Superman,” Donovan reached #2 in the US and #8 in the UK with this fifty years ago.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Elton John The title track from his 1973 album, it reached #2 in the US, #1 in Canada, and #6 in the UK that year.

Yellow Submarine – The Beatles From 1966’s Revolver, it later inspired the animated film of the same name. As a single, it only went to #2 in the US, but spent four weeks at #1 on the UK charts. And yes, this version only has Ringo, since WMG or BMG or whoever does stuff like this has managed to banish nearly all of The Fab Four’s music from YouTube. No matter; Ringo’s is the only voice that matters, plus if you listen hard enough, they’re playing the original in this one.

Tie A Yellow Ribbon ‘Round The Ole Oak Tree – Tony Orlando and Dawn This song went to #1 worldwide, and in 2008 Billboard ranked it at #37 in the history of the Hot 100.

Big Yellow Taxi – The Neighborhood Joni Mitchell wrote it and recorded it on her 1970 album Ladies of the Canyon. Not long afterwards, a local Chicago band, The Neighborhood, covered it and it was a minor hit in The Windy City. I’m using their version because The Neighborhood’s lead guitarist lived in my neighborhood and his younger brother is a friend of mine. On the picture, I believe he’s the one behind the “Yellow” sign on the roof of the taxi.

There’s one other song that I’ve decided to use as my next Battle of the Bands, which is next Thursday, December 15. Look for it then.

That’s your Friday Five for December 9, 2016.

18 thoughts on “The Friday Five: Songs With “Yellow” In The Title

  1. Yay for Yellow Submarine! 🙂 I have a picutre of Yellow Submarine I got at an art auction when I was on a cruise. It’s really neat because it has a picture then an overlay that finishes the picture. I don’t know if I’m describing it in a way that makes sense. LOL. But it’s hanging in my living room above the stereo. (Yes, I still have a stereo with a turntable!)


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