Two for Tuesday: Brenda Lee


Alana over at Ramblin’ with AM did a post yesterday in honor of Brenda Lee, whose birthday was Sunday (like my brother Jim’s). I’m a fan of Little Miss Dynamite, and since she had quite a string of hits in the 1960’s, I’d say she was a chanteuse worthy of discussing here.

Brenda was born in Atlanta in 1944, and started performing professionally when she was eleven years old. She’s a member of the Rock & Roll, Country Music, and Rockabilly Halls of Fame, holds a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, and is the only female singer to have charted singles in rock, pop, country, blues, and gospel.

Her biggest hit, “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree,” was recorded in 1958, but didn’t become a Christmas standard until 1960. She also had a big hit with “I’m Sorry” in 1960. Since Alana was good enough to post those, I’ll just send you to her blog to hear those. Instead, I’d like to feature a couple of songs of Brenda’s that were big hits in the UK but not released in the US. The first is “Speak To Me Pretty,” a #3 hit for her in May 1962.

The second was “Here Comes That Feeling.” It reached #5 during summer 1962, shortly after “Speak To Me Pretty.” This was released in the US as the B-side to “Everybody Loves Me But You” in the US, but didn’t get airplay.

Brenda’s website is being rebuilt as I write this, but it tells us she’ll be appearing at the Beavercreek Memories Dinner Theater in Celina, Ohio this Friday, so if you’re in the area, be sure and see her.

Happy birthday, Brenda Lee, your Two for Tuesday, December 13, 2016.

9 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday: Brenda Lee

  1. Another great voice to feature, John. I remember listening to her. My father bought an 8-Track version of one of her albums the day her put an 8-Track player in his car.


  2. Thank you for the shoutout and for posting her U.K. hits. Wonderful to know that Brenda is still performing live. May she be able to for years to come.


    1. You’d think someone who’d been performing for over 60 years would be a lot older, wouldn’t you? Maybe she’ll record again. You never know these days.


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