Two For Tuesday: Sarantuya


I might have played this before, but this is one of my favorite videos, a pop-music treatment of the Mongolian National Anthem, “Mongol ulsyn töriin duulal.”

Mongolian popular music isn’t known much outside Mongolia, unfortunately, so finding the names of these four singers (because I really like them) took some doing. Finally, someone pointed out they’re on the card you see at the beginning of the video, which appears only briefly and is written in Mongolian Cyrillic. But I did it: they are Zhargalsaikhan (the man in the hat), Ariunaa (the woman in the blue dress), Dashdondog (the man without a hat), and the subject of today’s Two for Tuesday, Sarantuya (Сарантуяа), also called Saraa. (I still have to figure out the guitar player’s name…)

Wikipedia tells us she is a mezzo-soprano and has been a major figure on the Mongolian pop scene since the late Eighties, and that she’s considered the queen of Mongolian Pop. She’s won a number of Pentatonic awards (the Mongolian equivalent of Grammys, I guess) and was honored with the title “Singer of The Century.” And her birthday is the same as Mary’s.

Here are a couple of songs by her that caught my ear.

“Hairlasan setgel” (“Broken (?) Heart”)

“Ter namaig dursdag bolov uu?” (“Does He Remember Me?”)

Sarantuya’s music is pretty easy to come by on YouTube and iHeart, and her latest album, Argagui Mongol Ayalguu 2, and a couple of her other albums are available at Amazon.

Sarantuya, your Two for Tuesday, December 27, 2016.

2 thoughts on “Two For Tuesday: Sarantuya

    1. I found her quite by accident. I went looking for the Mongolian national anthem (just got curious about it) and found the one I have in the post, then I got curious about the singers and guitar player (still haven’t figured out who he is). She had the most-appealing voice of the four, almost down in the Karen Carpenter range, and it seems she’s the best-known outside of Mongolia. I haven’t been able to find music by Ariunaa, who I understand is the “Mongolian Madonna.” Maybe I’ll see if I can find her. There’s another female singer named Serchmaa who also plays the violin that has a good voice, and I’ve heard some of her songs. Maybe I’ll start looking for international singers that don’t get heard here. Glad you liked Sarantuya.

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