How I Want 2017 To Be (Monday’s Music Moves Me)

Happy 2017! Today’s theme is “tunes about what you want 2017 to be!”

Peaceful, Easy Feeling – Eagles Above all else, I want it to be peaceful and quiet and as free from the strife and bitching at each other that we dealt with this past year.

Happy Days Are Here Again – Jack Hylton and His Orchestra Did a Two For Tuesday on this song not long ago. I think happier days are ahead, despite the dire predictions.

This Could Be The Start Of Something – Ella Fitzgerald My current Two For Tuesday is on this song (I announce the winner on Sunday, so get your vote in soon). I want 2017 to be the start of something big for everyone.

Blue Skies – Ella Fitzgerald Nothin’ but blue skies, though I don’t mind the rain. I know I already did an Ella song, but she sounds so happy and positive here.

Imagine That – Billy Joe Walker Jr. No lyrics; you just have to imagine them. I hope this is a great year for imagination and new ideas for me and for everyone.

That’s all I have to say. Have a good year!

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15 thoughts on “How I Want 2017 To Be (Monday’s Music Moves Me)

    1. I almost used that as one of the songs, in fact, but “Blue Skies” won out. Actually, Ella Fitzgerald won out: Ella could sing anything and make it sound good.


    1. I left Facebook from mid-October until just before Christmas except for my automatic posts from IFTTT. It was just too much, and I’m too old for it. Even now, I just check some of my favorite groups and pages. I don’t need the arguments and nastiness. There are a few blogs I’m allowing to simmer down, too. And forget Twitter.


  1. John, I hope we get that Peaceful Easy Feeling for 2017, too. That’s precisely what so many people need now. I do believe there are brighter Blue Skies ahead and that Happy Days Are Here Again this new year. This is something I haven’ felt in quite a few years. My spirits are raised to meet a brand new year. May God’s blessings of good health, happiness, love, and success be with you. Thank you for joining the 4M crew for another Monday Mewsic Moves Me!


  2. John, I likes the way you think… you sure built my spirits up for 2017… especially with HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!!!! Love it and thank you so much for rockin’ & a rollin’ with us all year long… and I look forward to sharin’ music and listening to your music for the upcomin’ year. I wish you happiness, great health and much prosperity for you & yours. ROCK ON MY FRIEND!!!


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