How I Want 2017 To Be (Monday’s Music Moves Me)

Happy 2017! Today’s theme is “tunes about what you want 2017 to be!”

Peaceful, Easy Feeling – Eagles Above all else, I want it to be peaceful and quiet and as free from the strife and bitching at each other that we dealt with this past year.

Happy Days Are Here Again – Jack Hylton and His Orchestra Did a Two For Tuesday on this song not long ago. I think happier days are ahead, despite the dire predictions.

This Could Be The Start Of Something – Ella Fitzgerald My current Two For Tuesday is on this song (I announce the winner on Sunday, so get your vote in soon). I want 2017 to be the start of something big for everyone.

Blue Skies – Ella Fitzgerald Nothin’ but blue skies, though I don’t mind the rain. I know I already did an Ella song, but she sounds so happy and positive here.

Imagine That – Billy Joe Walker Jr. No lyrics; you just have to imagine them. I hope this is a great year for imagination and new ideas for me and for everyone.

That’s all I have to say. Have a good year!

Monday’s Music Moves Me is sponsored by X-Mas Dolly, Callie, Cathy, and Stacy, so be sure and visit them, where you can also find the Linky for the other participants.


15 thoughts on “How I Want 2017 To Be (Monday’s Music Moves Me)

  1. John, I likes the way you think… you sure built my spirits up for 2017… especially with HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!!!! Love it and thank you so much for rockin’ & a rollin’ with us all year long… and I look forward to sharin’ music and listening to your music for the upcomin’ year. I wish you happiness, great health and much prosperity for you & yours. ROCK ON MY FRIEND!!!


  2. John, I hope we get that Peaceful Easy Feeling for 2017, too. That’s precisely what so many people need now. I do believe there are brighter Blue Skies ahead and that Happy Days Are Here Again this new year. This is something I haven’ felt in quite a few years. My spirits are raised to meet a brand new year. May God’s blessings of good health, happiness, love, and success be with you. Thank you for joining the 4M crew for another Monday Mewsic Moves Me!


    1. I left Facebook from mid-October until just before Christmas except for my automatic posts from IFTTT. It was just too much, and I’m too old for it. Even now, I just check some of my favorite groups and pages. I don’t need the arguments and nastiness. There are a few blogs I’m allowing to simmer down, too. And forget Twitter.


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