Bedazzling #jusJoJan

Continuing with Just Jot It January, a blog hop created by Linda Hill (Rosemary Carlson is sitting in for her today and tomorrow), we have “spangly,” brought to us by Judy over at Edwina’s Episodes.

Well, ya almost got me, Judy, but I figured out something. Bedazzling is making everything spangly, right? So we have this AT&T commercial, which stars Milana Vayntrub as everyone’s favorite AT&T store person, Lily. The commercial plays twice, for whatever reason.

We were considering switching over to Cricket Wireless from AT&T, and saw that there was supposed to be a Cricket store nearby, but when we drove over there, it wasn’t there. I called the number and a lady from Walmart answered and told us “they have our number on it, but there ain’t no Cricket store here.” And that ended that right quick.

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    1. Milana Vayntrub is especially funny in that one. She’s all chipper and chirpy until Emily (the younger girl) embarrasses her, and her voice tails off and she shrinks off to get the new phone, exposing the AT&T logo in glitter on the back of her blouse. It took me a while to notice that…

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