My Top Twelve Blog Posts of 2016 And What They Tell Me

One of today’s Writer’s Workshop prompts is to share my top twelve posts from this past year. That isn’t as easy as it sounds, because first you have to figure out how to determine what constitutes the best posts: is it page views, comments, or just what I consider to be my best posts. I don’t have accurate information on the total number of page views I’m getting, and even if I did those statistics would include visits by spambots and web crawlers. So I decided to use comments as my basis for determining my most popular posts from last year. I know, half the comments on my posts are me responding to your comment, but that seems to be the most accurate way.

So, here they are. I’ll have some observations when I’m finished.

#12. September 12, TV Game Show Themes, 32 comments

#11. March 3, My Top Ten Favorite Candies, 34 comments

#10. October 6, Blogging Is My Life…, 36 comments

#9. April 4, Codec, 37 comments

#8. April 5, Dramedy, 38 comments

#6 (tie). April 4, Songs that start with “C”, 39 comments

#6 (tie). April 2, I must be crazy… , 39 comments

#5. April 1, “A” Songs, 40 comments

#4. February 3, Retirement, Blogging, the A to Z Challenge, and a Request for Help, 40 comments

#3. March 21, My Theme for the 2016 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge, 41 comments

#2. April 2, Beefalo, 55 comments

#1. April 1, Advertainment, 82 comments


  1. More than half of these (7) were posts from the April A to Z Challenge. Two more posts spoke of the Challenge, my theme reveal (#3) and a Stream of Consciousness Saturday post where I called for people to join my team, “Holton’s Heroes.” Clearly, the A to Z Challenge is a big part of my blogging year, with April 1 being like my Black Friday.
  2. Two posts from the Writer’s Workshop (#10 and #11) made the list, as well as two from Monday’s Music Moves Me (#12 and #6 from April 4) and two from Stream of Consciousness Saturday (#6 for April 2 and #4). In some cases, there’s overlap.
  3. I do a lot of music on the blog, and a third of my top twelve (4) were music posts, though three were for A to Z.

This tells me a lot, and I’m not sure I like what it’s telling me. I mentioned a while back that I need to shake things up a little bit here. Maybe the most important thing is taking at least one day a week to visit blogs. The reason so many of these top entries are from April is I’m going to a lot of blogs and leaving comments. I don’t give myself the necessary time during the rest of the year to do that. I’m so busy writing blog entries that I don’t stop to read what everyone else is writing. I’ve considered giving myself a day off every once in a while, maybe doing an encore presentation on those days.

So, bloggers, how do you handle this?

15 thoughts on “My Top Twelve Blog Posts of 2016 And What They Tell Me

  1. I love that you participate in so many interactive blog themes and link ups. It’s a great way to meet other bloggers. I find that I don’t comment on as many blogs as I did in the past because a lot of my blog friends have retired. I’m able to go through the Writer’s Workshop link up by the end of every week and those are really the posts I look forward to most. I feel like regulars like you have become my mini blog family so it’s great for me to catch up, but I don’t think I could commit to much more than that. You keep doing what you’re doing!


  2. JOHN, just my opinion but… well– never mind. I would rather interact with you about this privately. If you’re interested, please leave your Eddress for me in a comment at one of my blogs. I’ll copy the Eddress and then delete the comment so it isn’t published for the world to see. Then I’ll E you privately. I do have a couple of suggestions that I think are… worth the price you’ll be paying for them.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Check out my new blog @
    (Link:) Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews…


      1. Thanks for responding, JOHN. I just double checked and for whatever reason, your comment did not come through. I even checked the Spam file in case it had gotten waylaid but nuttin’ there either. So I guess I’ll just post my suggestions here. The reason I chose not to do that initially was for fear I’d seem impertinent. You asked for suggestions but I didn’t want to come off like some jerk saying “Do this” or “Do that”.

        But here’s my .02 cents, which is probably worth about that:

        I’ll put the “Bottom Line” at the top. (You already know I’m a d’plorable rebel;-) Whatever makes you happy, whatever pleases you most in blogging, THAT’S what you should do. Period.

        However, from my own perspective, I have always shied away from blogs that post every day, or even every weekday. I used to “Follow” blogs that I really liked, but eventually dropped them for the sole reason of “too many posts”. Main reason being that my Dashboard was being overrun by their latest posts to the point that I was often failing to see new posts by other bloggers. My Dashboard would look like this: Blogger A, Blogger A, Blogger A, Blogger B, Blogger A, Blogger A, etc., etc. If I didn’t really focus, I would fail to see other posts I was interested in because Blogger A had pretty much come to own my Dashboard.

        Another reason I feel bloggers shouldn’t post too frequently is because they are burying their own work. If they’ve got something they think is really worthwhile, they ought to leave it front and center, giving people a fair chance to find it and comment on it. If it’s here today and gone tomorrow, it seems like somewhat wasted thought and energy to me. Sure, people can scroll down and find it, but most won’t. Most will read the latest post that’s at the top and then move on. If one has posted a really top-notch blog bit on Monday, a mere 2 or 3 days later it is buried and almost no one will find it. And I know it’s not uncommon for you to post more than one blog bit on some days, so I feel you’re doing your work a disservice by “piling on” too quickly.

        What do I personally feel is an ideal posting schedule for a prolific blogger (something I’ve never been)? Well, honestly, two posts per week gives everyone time to find it and comment, but three at the most. Anything more than three and I feel the blogger is undermining their own efforts.

        All that said, again the “Bottom Line” — do what pleases you the most.

        However, one last suggestion that I REALLY HOPE you’ll give some thought to: As you no doubt know, every time we embed a video on our blogs, it slightly slows down the loading process. And since your blog is mostly about music, classic TV commercials, and such — which require embedded videos — your blog has far more videos than most.

        For some of us — especially a person like me who uses an old computer without a lot of gigabytes, ram, goats, hyper-whatchamacallits (you see I’m very computer literate) — loading your blog for viewing can be a very frustrating process. Not kidding: due to all the videos, it takes no less than 3, and sometimes as many as 4 or 5 minutes for your blog to load for me. Sometimes, when I’m in a rush or especially impatient, I can’t wait any longer and I just click off and move on. I’m sure your blog loads quickly enough for many, but there must be others like me for whom it’s an exercise in patience.

        Of course I’m not suggesting that you use less videos. It wouldn’t achieve the purpose you intend for your blog if you did. But it looks to me like you have the blog set for about 10 posts per page. That woud number 20 videos per page, if you only used 2 per post, but of course often there are 3 or 4 videos per post.

        It would greatly help me (and I assume plenty of others as well) if you adjusted your settings so that less posts were included on each page. Maybe 5? This much I know: I would certainly be inclined to visit and comment more often than I do if it didn’t take so long for your blog to load. After waiting 3, 4, or 5 minutes, I’m usually too frustrated to write a decent comment. And that is the ONLY reason that, for the most part, I only visit here for BOTB voting. It’s not a lack of interest but a lack of patience.

        Anyway, my deplorable friend, that’s my .02 cents. That and $1.23 might get you a small cup of McDonald’s coffee.

        ~ D-FensDogG


        1. I’ve noticed quite a delay when I have a bunch of videos myself, and I’ve been looking for an answer. Ideally, the videos wouldn’t load until you pressed the “play” button, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to control that, at least not that WordPress allows its .com users to use. I think there might be a way to make it happen using an HTML5 method of playing them, but HTML5 commands have a tendency to make IFTTT not post the contents of a WordPress post to Blogger. I’m actually starting to wonder if maybe I should drop the Blogger simulcast, because very few people comment there, because I have to do all kinds of HTML workarounds.

          I’ll cut back the number of posts on a page and see if it helps. As for not posting every day… I’ll give it some thought, but really, I’m having too much fun.


  3. I say, do what makes you happy. Personally, I like visiting and reading other blogs and commenting on them. Most of the time, I don’t get comments back and I’m okay with that. I blog sporadically. And it’s my own self holding back from blogging more. I’m always like “do people really want to read this?” I don’t know. I have lots of ideas floating around in the brain. My goal this year, is to put them down on to paper 😉 and if people read them, awesome, if not, I’m okay with that too. I will continue to go visit others blogs and comment and show the love. I don’t live in the blogosphere, but I take the time to enjoy it.


  4. It can become a bit of a catch 22. I like the interaction of blogging but to get that I feel I need to post regularly. But then when that generates a lot of comments it’s hard to keep up and not let that interaction become one sided. I like WordPress for having the “like” button so I can at least show I’ve stopped by (especially if I’m on my iPad) but I’m happy on Blogger and don’t want to move. I also agree with Joey I like visiting but I don’t want to live here.


  5. After I cut back from daily blogging to more sporadic posting, my visits and comments per post drastically increased. If a post is up longer then more visitors have a chance to see it. Unless you take time to visit tons of other bloggers each day and leave comments and even then that is no guarantee that your post visits will increase.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  6. I recognize a lot of those! I don’t read everyone who reads me and even when I read my regulars, I seldom read every single post. I read what I want. I read mostly in the evening, and read a few in the morning, when I get done writing. There is no way I could read every One-Liner, or every #ThursdayDoors or every Share Your World — I’m sure you understand. I couldn’t even do it when I didn’t work. I love the blogosphere, but I don’t want to live here 🙂


  7. First off, I remember some of those posts. Second (and third), taking time off to read is important. One of the reasons I backed out of the A-Z challenge is that I wouldn’t have time to write and read. It’s also the reason I’m keeping my current schedule of 4 posts a week. That gives me time to read other blogs, respond to comments, write and keep my day job. I still have to cut back reading blogs, because I got a lot of books for Christmas. Another reason you might want to give yourself that day off, is because, unfortunately, I’m going to cut back by skipping some posts by folks who post every day 😦


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